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Tour Overview

Rich in history and varied in culture, you explore many regions throughout Iran. Our 16-day trip takes you across a plethora of ancient historical landmarks, stunning landscapes, from spectacular snow-capped mountain ranges to beautiful deserts, making it the top choice for adventure travellers. From the hustle and bustle of Iran's most dynamic and modern cities like Tehran and Shiraz to the tranquillity of small towns like Mahan or Rayen, This unique 16-day Iran tour commences in Tehran, where you will hit all-important iconic sites like Golestan Palace and Archeological Museum. Then, proceed to Hamadan and Kermanshah, where you indulge in the unique charm of Achaemenian and Sassanid dynasties. Then marvel at Chogal Zanbil ziggurat temple and Susa, Elamite capital city before crossing the mighty Abolhayat Pass and heading out to Shiraz, the city of wine and love. Later, this journey along the ancient silk road and through the lut desert takes you to Mahan and Kerman; visit the legendary 'Shah Nematollah's Shrine' and the World Heritage site of Prince Garden and a unique well-preserved castle in Rayen. Explore iconic Yazd and its extravagant architecture that renowned as a typical desert city. Discover the stunning iconic landmarks of Isfahan, such as Naghshe Jahan square and Shah Mosque, and learn how this mind-bending city became the royal city of Safavid in the 17th century. You are guaranteed to enjoy seeing it all on this "highlights hit-list" 16-day tour of Iran.

Highlights at a Glance:

  • Many photo-stops along the way
  • Comfortable on-tour transportation
  • A professionally planned itinerary
  • Small-group size, Now capped at 12 pax
  • Marvel at the intricacy of Iranian Bazaars
  • Explore the secrets and tales of the Persians
  • Admire a traditional caravanserai at Zein-o-Din
  • Admire the city square of Naqsh-e Jahan in Esfahan
  • Explore the ancient Elamite temples of Chogal Zanbil
  • Versatile local guide with in-depth insider knowledge
  • Discover 10 Iran's most spectacular UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and admire its ancient holy fire
  • Stock up on saffron and other spices at the Grand Bazaar in Isfahan
  • Discover the winding alleys and adobe architecture of Yazd's Old Town
  • Sample a dizzying variety of street foods and regional dishes at a night market
  • Guided tour of the incredible ruins of the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis
  • 50 Unparalleled iconic landmarks & tourist attractions enriching cultural experiences
Step back in time to the cradle of Persian civilization! Explore, discover, and dream where history began in the Land of the Persians. Stand in awe before the fascinating scenery and ancient wonders of the Kingdom of Achaemenid. Embark on one of your life’s greatest journeys.

Itinerary Details

Today you will make your way to your selected gateway Airport for your international flight to Tehran, Iran. Embark on an exclusive and unique small group journey through magnificent Persia and discover this country's deep and rich history and its archaeological wonders. Upon Arrival at IKA International Airport, meet and greet by an BePersia Travel representative and be transferred to your hotel in the heart of Tehran. On the next day, you will have time to refresh before embarking on an enthralling tour of this city brimming with culture and history.

Overnight: Tehran

Welcome to the Iranian capital city, Tehran. A megacity which generously steeped in history and standing as one of the largest cityscapes in the Middle East, where there is much to be discovered. Today, you will enjoy a full-day tour of Tehran, taking in the main sights of the city; this morning starts with a visit to the sumptuous Golestan Palace Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site), where you will enjoy visiting a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the perfect integration of Persian crafts and architecture with western influences. Next, you will spend some time taking a stroll around the Tehran Grand Bazaar, which is located a few steps far from Golestan Palace, and it is one of the largest covered ones in the world. In the afternoon, you visit the National Museum of Iran, displaying the most impressive collection of prestigious relics and historical findings. The selection here presents the nation's rich history and civilization. On the same routing, you will stop enjoying visiting the Tabi'at (Nature) Bridge, which is the largest and the most beautiful pedestrian overpass built in the capital city. After this beautiful day in Tehran, you will return to your hotel with vivid memories.

Overnight: Tehran
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

After a pleasant breakfast, you will embark on an approximately 4-hour drive to Hamedan, ancient Ecbatana. The city was chosen as the Medes' capital in the late 8th century BC by Deioces. It also became the summer capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Hamadan is situated at the northeastern foot of Mount Alvand (3,571 meters). In the afternoon, the exploration of Hamedan begins with the most important Jewish pilgrimage site named tomb of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, heroes of the Purim saga. The mausoleum consists of a simple brick structure crowned with a simple dome, which was built seven centuries ago over the underground graves. Following the memorable tour, we will visit the tomb of Avicenna, the 10th-century poet, scientist, philosopher, and the father of modern medicine. 5km south-west of Hamedan, you will visit the ancient inscriptions of Ganjnameh (literally 'Treasure Book') proved to belong to the glorious age of two outstanding Persian kings, Darius I and Xerxes who ruled the country in the 6th century BC. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring on your own, or return to the hotel for relaxation.

Overnight: Hamedan
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

This morning, have an early breakfast and depart Hamadan at 08:00. A pleasant, 2.5 hour drive through the mountainous and scenic Asadabad Pass will bring you first to one of the outstanding tourist attractions of Iran; you proceed toward Bistoun town to explore the most massive mythical rock relief of Darius the Great(UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Achaemenid king of Persia. After that, to learn more about the history of ancient Persia, you are driven 6 km northeast of Kermanshah to pay a visit to the world-famous Taqe Bostan; a site with some of the best examples of Persian sculpture and bas-reliefs dated back to the era of Sassanid Empire (3rd to 7th century AD). This evening, after checking into your accommodation, your local guide will take you out for a delicious traditional dinner with your fellow passengers.

Overnight: Kermanshah
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

Kermanshah lies in the fertile valley of the Qareh Sū River and is located on the ancient caravan route between the Mediterranean Sea and central Asia. This morning after breakfast, you meet your guide to discovering the most precious treasure of Kermanshah, Tekyeh Moaven-Al Molk that is one of the most magnificent landmarks dating back to the Qajar period (19th century). Later, you will drive northwest along with the Zagros Mountains range to beautiful Khoram-Abad city. Along the route, you are free to stop the driver whenever you would like to take photos of the lush landscapes. After exploring Falak-ol-Aflak, the most impressive castle of the Sassanid dynasty in town, you will rest and relax in your hotel to refresh the energy for the following days of your fantastic trip.

Overnight: Khoram-Abad
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

This day is sure to be a memorable day for your exploration tour to Iran. After an early breakfast, you will embark on an approximately 10-hour drive to Ahvaz, the capital city of Khuzestan province. Your today's adventure begins as you set off through otherworldly landscape features and incredible peaks and valleys. En route, Your first stop this morning is the archaeological site of 6000-year-old Susa (UNESCO World Heritage Site), famous for being the ancient capital city of the Elamites (Susiana) and administrative capital of the Achaemenian king Darius the Great and his successors in the 6th century BC. The two great civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Iranian plateau merged here and inspired by one another. Later you will make your way into the town for a short visit to the burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel that is a popular religious attraction among local Muslims and the Jewish community. Then continue your trip to Chogal Zanbil Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site), which is one of the finest preserved archaeological temple ziggurats in the world. It was built around 1250 years BC by Elamite king Untash-Napirisha as the ceremonial complex devoted to great god Inshushinak. Your tour guide will lead you to all the highlights of this great location, featuring some amazingly well-preserved artifacts and insights into life during the Elamite era. After that, you continue your journey along the Khuzestan plain to Ahvaz.

Overnight: Ahvaz
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

You will leave the city of Ahvaz behind this morning as you head out of the city on a ten-hour drive to Shiraz. This memorable day takes you first to one of the oldest Persian capital cities, the ancient city of Bishapur, a beautiful place which was founded by Sasanian King Shapur I (241–272 BC) and was initially located on the royal road between Persis and Elam. Your guide will take you around and show you the architectural details of the magnificent Anahita temple, central palace, the palace of valerian, and a mosaic porch. Afterward, at a nearby excavation site, take time to wander around and admire six Sassanid bas-reliefs of the 3rd and 4th centuries in Tang-e Chogan gorge. After admiring highlights today, you will continue driving to Shiraz and stay at your hotel for three nights.

Overnight: Shiraz
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

Today you commence a full day of a sightseeing tour to explore both the past and present of Shiraz today. In this charming city with iconic sites to visit, you will first visit the tomb of the great Persian mystic poet Hafez with its beautiful gardens. Next, you will have time to explore and shop in the bustling Vakil Bazaar. Before leaving the Bazaar, sample the local Saffron ice cream and the Shirazi Faloodeh. It is a delicious combination of rice noodles, iced rosewater, and sugar, then mixed with a touch of lemon juice. The afternoon will be devoted to discovering the colourfully decorated Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (the Pink Mosque), where sunlight streaming through its extensive coloured glasses and windows. Next up is an exciting visit to the Naranjestan Garden, an architectural marvel from the Qajar era and a precious gem among all the typical Persian Gardens in Shiraz with its sour orange and palm trees. Time permitting; the rest of the afternoon, you will visit Hamzeh Shrine, a revered Shia shrine noted for the glittering mirror work adorning its central dome. This evening, enjoy a well-earned dinner in a top restaurant arranged by your guide. After admiring the landmarks of Shiraz, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Overnight: Shiraz
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

This memorable day takes you first to three incredible Persian highlights. Your local guide will explain the history of Persia through the various styles of Persian architecture across the centuries, from the Achaemenian to the selukids dynasties. You will wander through 2500 years of Persian history of Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site). That city was once the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Darius the Great founded this palatial complex in the 6th century BC. It was here that the Achaemenid kings received their subjects and celebrated the Persian New Year. You can explore all palaces there in Persepolis and immerse yourself in Persian civilization. Then you will proceed to Naghsh-e Rostam, the ancient Achaemenid Necropolis where you will visit four gigantic royal tombs and some Sassanian Rock Reliefs. In the afternoon, back to Shiraz and in this most elegant city, you will visit the Quran Gate. Next, enjoy a relaxing afternoon in your hotel.

Overnight: Shiraz
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

You depart early today on a journey into the heart of the Iranian desert! Enjoy the stunning views as you travel along with the Zagros mountain range. On the way, feel free to stop the driver from taking pictures of desert villages and the surrounding landscape. En route, visit Maharloo Salt Lake, also known as Pink Lake, a seasonal salt lake situated 27.0 km southeast of Shiraz; the lake salt is rich in potassium and other salts.15 km west of Neyriz town, the next site will be Bakhtegan Salt Lake. With a surface area of 350,000 hectares (1.4 million acres), the lake is Iran's second-largest salt lake. It used to attract thousands of birds, including huge flocks of flamingos. A stop will be made here for taking photos and enjoying the spectacular views before proceeding to Mahan. After you check in to your hotel in Mahan, you will get the chance to enjoy a sunset drink.

Overnight: Mahan
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

After breakfast, you will start the morning of your tour right with an exploration of a mind-bending highlight in Mahan; the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, Mahan's most famous shrine, will be your first stop. This impressive sacred complex is dedicated to the spirit of the late Shah Nematollah, Iranian poet, sage, and a great Sufi leader (1330-1431) and is believed to be the burial place of him. Marvel at the intricate design of this mind-bending mausoleum! Then it is time to make the way to Rayen, to the most famous Sassanid Citadel that reflects a unique blend of the cultural heritage of ancient Persian, a town that Marco Polo visited in the 13th century. Wandering through the narrow alleys of this beautifully preserved original castle is like taking a step back in time. Next up is a visit to one of the significant Persian treasures, the famed Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site). You can spend some great time strolling through this beautiful garden and enjoying its fantastic atmosphere. In the late afternoon, you will be driven to Kerman to explore the authentic identity of the city. You can take a stroll through the Kerman Grand Bazaar as well as the Ganj Ali Khan Complex, where you can pay a visit to the Kerman Friday Mosque, an Old Caravanserai, and the City Central Square. To wrap up your tour, if time permits, you can opt to have a tea or Shisha in a beautiful Traditional Teahouse here! The rest of the evening is free to enjoy at your leisure.

Overnight: Mahan
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

This morning, as soon as we have had our breakfast, we head out from Kerman on a five-hour drive northwest to the desert city of Yazd. Stopping off at the fascinating Zein-o-din, where you visit a 16th century renovated circled caravanserai with panoramic views of the desert, one of the so-called old motels on the Silk Road. This old, dilapidated building was completely renovated by local artists, and the result is an incredible icon. Then continue your trip to Yazd, one of the most alluring cities in Persia. The awesome desert city of Yazd is renowned for its unique desert architecture, regarded by UNESCO as one of the ancient towns on Earth, perfectly adapted to the harsh weather conditions of the surrounding desert. The Zoroastrian religion also survives in here where you visit the Temple of Eternal Fire. Afterward, you set out for the old Towers of Silence on the edge of the city, where in the past centuries, the bodies of deceased Zoroastrians were placed and exposed to scavenger birds, which as per their beliefs, is the most sacred method of dealing with the dead. Next up is the Amir Chakhmaq Complex, where you will admire an imposing and prominent landmark comprising of a large square, a Caravanserai, a Mosque, A Water Reservoir, several wind catchers, and a portal for Shia religious gatherings and ceremonies. This city is also best known for its sweets and pastries. All Iranian and foreign visitors to this desert city must visit the local Haj Khalifa Confectionery next to the Amir Chakhmaq Square. Here, you can try the famous Iranian Baklava Pastries, Ghotab (donut hole-shaped cookies), Lozenârgil (coconut diamonds), and Pashmak (cotton candy). Then in the old historical Fahadan District, you have the chance for a walk through the winding alley of the Fahadan old town. At the end of your today's adventuring, you will be transferred to your hotel to enjoy an evening at your leisure.

Overnight: Yazd
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

Drive to Isfahan today, stopping off at the fascinating ancient city of Meybod along the way. Meybod offers some fascinating sites to visit, including its 400-year-old Caravanserai and the Old Town. Then continue your trip to Isfahan. As the 17th-century capital of the Safavid Empire, Isfahan is for many may well be the climax of the journey. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful dazzling capital of Ancient Persia. In the afternoon, upon arrival in Isfahan, you can head out to wander around the Zayandeh River Bridges (Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju Bridges) that are the favourite meeting locations for the locals.

Overnight: Isfahan
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

This day is devoted to the exploration of the most glorious city of Iran, Isfahan. Following breakfast, your guide leads you for a fascinating sightseeing tour around the most brilliant tourist attractions of the city. Immerse in Isfahan sophisticated charms and discover the UNESCO heritage-listed Naghsh-e Jahan Square, the world's second-largest one with four amazing landmarks at four sides, Shah Mosque, the exquisite Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and Isfahan Grand Bazaar where you can visit the workshop of artists who paint miniature on camel bone. In the evening, enjoy visiting Chehel Sotun Palace Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site); Shah Abbas II built this graceful pavilion in the 17th century for entertainment and court receptions. After a short break for tea and some sweets in one of the most beautiful Traditional Teahouses, you take a relaxing walk through the Isfahan Grand Bazaar and explore elaborate conventional Persian handicrafts, artworks, and lovely souvenirs of the city.

Overnight: Isfahan
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

Following breakfast, you start your journey on an exciting day-trip to Kashan. On a fantastic route, you will have the chance to visit the crimson-coloured old Village of Abyaneh, one of the last surviving Zoroastrian places to visit. Then, you move to Kashan, a fantastic city to visit the Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site), which is one of the most beautiful Persian Gardens dating back to the 17th century. Then continue exploring the awe-inspiring House of Boroujerdiha. In the evening, you will be transferred to Tehran IKA international airport to catch your onward or homebound flight.

Overnight: No Accommodation
Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

Today marks the end of your tour to Persia. We hope to enjoy the time in Iran with BePersia Travel.


Itinerary Map

Travel Route

Tehran 450 KM 2
Hamedan 450 KM 1
Kermanshah 450 KM 1
Khoram-Abad 450 KM 1
Ahvaz 450 KM 1
Shiraz 450 KM 3
Mahan 450 KM 2
Yazd 450 KM 1
Isfahan 450 KM 2
Kashan 450 KM 2

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Tour Includes

  • All relevant transfer and transportation in a modern air-conditioned coach
  • Accommodation in 3 * or 4 * hotels with private facilities (14 nights)
  • Sightseeing visits & all entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Half board throughout (14 breakfasts, 14 dinners)
  • Professional Iranian English-speaking tour guide
  • Organization of the whole trip
  • Visa support- reference code

Tour Excludes

  • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks, laundry, etc.
  • Visa stamping fee collected by the Iranian embassy
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Effective as of September 2011, all travelers who lodge an Iran visa application, along with other visa requirements, should present an adequate medical travel insurance coverage issued by an Iranian or foreign insurance company. At BePersia Travel, we believe that safety is a major concern to all of us and it is one of the essential parts of your trips that should not be neglected. A medical travel insurance plan is, therefore, compulsory whenever you start your travel to Iran. As such, we strongly suggest that once you book and confirm your journey, you take out insurance from a reliable company that includes adequate coverage for lost or damaged baggage, medical expenses, and the cost of emergency repatriation to the home country in case of a medical emergency. You should be aware that it should clearly be stated in the insurance policy that its coverage is exclusively valid for Iran during your trip, and it offers an equivalent level of protection and covers you for the activities involved. We at BePersia travel can provide you with comprehensive travel insurance that is adequately tailored for your Iran trip and is specially designed to include all the activities listed in the itinerary.
IRAN is a conservative Islamic country. The Iranian government strives to implement Islamic laws very strictly and enforced it on their people. According to Islamic law, Alcohol is completely banned in Iran. This restriction includes brewing, consuming, importing, and selling all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Officially, there is no chance that you can get hold of Alcohol in the country. It is also strictly illegal to bring any alcohol over the border or to cross the border. Therefore, travelers are not allowed to take advantage of any duty-free alcohol allowance when entering Iran. It is important to note that since your luggage will be randomly checked by X-ray upon arrival at the Iranian international airports, you are advised to take no risk of carrying Alcohol into the country! Convicted offenders face fines and imprisonment. Iranian law strictly prohibits the taking of obscene matter and controversial literature to the country. Any transfer or attempt to transfer such illegal material to Iran is punishable under Iranian law.
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