The Ultimate Guide to the Iran Visa on Arrival 2024

The Ultimate Guide to the Iran Visa on Arrival 2024

Iran Visa

Iran is a country packed full of ancient landmarks and fascinating cultures, home to some of the world\’s most glorious landmarks, and has an endless selection of historical treasures! The history and culture of ancient Persia span back an incredible 7000 years, and vast swathes of this heritage remain in its current national identity. From the earliest Persian empire of Achaemenes to the present Islamic Republic, the country is brimming full of history and unique treasures. Despite its architectural, cultural and natural brilliance, it is mostly unexplored, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking authentic experiences.

Iran has already opened its doors to visitors from across the world with a new entry visa regime. Travelers can obtain visa on arrival that will allow them to stay in the country for up to 90 days. The first step to discover the charm of Persia is applying and getting an Iran visa!

Passport holders intending to travel to Iran for business, religious, or tourism purposes can get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) at designated entry airports while they are planning or booking their Iran journey through an Iranian travel agency or tour operator, which is authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). To avail the Iran Visa on Arrival, you should first give an accredited tour operator the legal right to submit your request to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran on your behalf to obtain a necessary Iran Visa Grant Notice to apply for your Iran visa on arrival. This is the most crucial part of the Iran visa application process. Once you have completed all the requirements and had it double-checked by the travel agency, there is nothing you can do but wait! The processing time for the Visa Grant Notice application should not take more than 3-5 working days unless the application process encountered a problem with your application requirements. However, in such a case, your travel agent may reach out to you to get the visa requirements completed. Later upon submission Visa Grant Notice at the Iran Visa & Passport Office of some major Iranian international airports (listed below*), you can obtain your Visa on Arrival in about half of an hour. This type of visa allows visitors to stay in Iran for a period not exceeding 30 days. Foreign tourists who enter the country with Visa on Arrival can apply for an extension of their stay; a maximum 14 days extension could be possible if the Iranian Foreign Affairs Office finds it necessary.

Countries whose Nationals can apply for the Iranian Visa on Arrival:

Albania, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea. Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Countries whose Nationals cannot apply for Iran Visa on Arrival:

The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Canada, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Somalia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. The best and quickest alternative for the nationals of these countries is to organize a trip to Iran via an authorized Iranian travel operator.

List of Iranian airports which provide facilities for issuance of Visa On Arrival:

  1. Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)
  2. Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran)
  3. Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz)
  4. Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)
  5. Mashhad International Airport (Mashad)
  6. Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz)
  7. Kerman International Airport (Kerman)
  8. Urmia International Airport (Urmia)
  9. Ahvaz International Airport (Ahvaz)
  • Larestan International Airport (Lar)
  • Kish International Airport (Kish Island)
  • Qeshm International Airport (Qeshm Island)
  • Bandar Abbas International Airport (Bandar Abbas)

List of Requirements for Iran Visa On Arrival

  1. A valid passport with at least three months of validity remaining
  2. A recent passport photo with a solid white background to be attached to the Iran visa application form
  3. A confirmed return ticket out of the country before your visa expires
  4. The Visa fee only in cash, the visa fee depends on the applicant\’s nationality, and it is payable to the Iran Visa Office at the Iranian airport. You cannot pay using debit or credit card, money order or cashier\’s check. More information: Iran Visa Fee
  5. A photocopy of the Iran Visa Grant Notice. This invitation letter is issued and confirmed by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it should be forwarded to you by your Iranian travel agency before travelling to Iran. More information: More information:
  6. Travel/medical insurance. It is necessary that the insurance policy states explicitly the insurance is valid for Iran

Good to Know:

  • Travelers who have already been rejected for an Iran visa from an Iranian embassy/consulate will not get an Iran visa on arrival.
  • Iranian nationals bearing other nationality\’s passport are not allowed to get Iran visa on arrival Journalists on the mission cannot obtain an Iran visa on arrival.
  • Iran visa on arrival is solely issued for tourist purposes. Diplomatic passport holders cannot apply for this type of Iran visa.
  • Applying via the Iranian travel agencies and obtaining an e-visa from the Iranian embassy in your country before the trip is still the safest way.
  • Passport holders from the USA, UK, Canada, India, Colombia, Somalia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan cannot obtain Iran Visa On Arrival.
  • A valid Travel Insurance is often asked at the Airports, be sure you have adequate travel insurance for Iran.
  • The travelers who already have an Israeli visa stamp on their passport, cannot get an Iran visa at all.

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