10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure

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10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure

Overview 10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure

Our best-selling Iran adventure in winter ! This 10-day journey takes you from the modern vibrancy of Tehran to the serene splendor of Iran’s southern islands. Experience the exhilaration of skiing on the pristine slopes of Dizin, Iran’s top ski resort, nestled in the majestic Alborz Mountains. Explore the rich tapestry of Tehran’s culture, from historic palaces to bustling bazaars. Venture south to the enchanting islands of Qeshm and Hormuz, where UNESCO-listed geoparks and unique geological wonders await. Embrace the contrasts of Iran’s landscape: from snow-blanketed mountains to sun-kissed beaches, each day unveils a new facet of this fascinating country. This tour blends thrilling winter sports with immersive cultural experiences, offering an unparalleled exploration of Iran’s natural and historical treasures. Discover the best of Iran in a way that only our winter tour can offer, where every moment is a step into a world of wonder.

Exciting Highlights

  • Tehran – Discover Iran’s dynamic capital, a blend of traditional and modern wonders, from Golestan Palace to the Grand Bazaar.
  • Tehran’s Bazaars and Palaces – Immerse in the rich history and bustling energy of Tehran’s most famous cultural sites.
  • Alborz Mountains – Surround yourself with the majestic peaks of Alborz, framing the snowy haven of Dizin Ski Resort.
  • Dizin – Glide down Iran’s prime ski slopes, where light powder and Alborz Mountains create a skier’s paradise.
  • Qeshm Island – Experience nature’s marvels at the UNESCO Geopark and the diverse wildlife of this southern gem.
  • Hormuz Island – Witness the allure of Hormuz, with its unique edible mountain and vibrant, colorful landscapes.
  • Naz and Hengam Islands – Encounter dolphins and crabs in a serene island setting, a true hidden treasure.
  • Island Adventures – Explore Hormuz’s salt caves and vibrant beaches, enhancing your journey with optional excursions.


  • Visa Authorization Code
  • Arrival/Departure Transfer
  • All relevant transfer and transportation
  • Accommodation 5 nights in hotel or Chalets Dizin ski resort
  • Accommodation 4 nights in local house or Hotel in Qeshm and Hormoz
  • Accommodation 1 nights in remis Hotel airport, depends on arrival time
  • Meals: Half board throughout (10 breakfast, 5 lunch in ski resorts, 5 dinner)
  • Sightseeing visits & all Entrances and tickets in ski resorts and the landmarks in Island as mentioned in the program
  • Professional Iranian English-speaking Local tour guide
  • Organization of the whole trip, 24/7 Support
  • Gift Card (Iran Debit Card
  • Domestic Flight: 2 Domestic flights – from Tehran to Bandarabbas or Qeshm – flight back to Tehran

Not Included

  • International airfare, airport and departure taxes and excess baggage charges
  • Visa stamping fee collected by the Iranian embassy or arrival at the airport
  • Meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Any other personal expenses such as soft drinks, laundry, etc.
  • Gratuity for local guide and driver
  • Any special add-on package (per customer’s request)

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure  Day 1: Tehran Arrival and Cultural Exploration

Upon arrival in Tehran, the vibrant heart of Iran, you’ll be greeted by the enchanting blend of modernity and tradition. The day starts with a visit to the opulent Golestan Palace Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you’ll witness the stunning integration of Persian art and Western influences. Stroll through the bustling corridors of the Tehran Grand Bazaar, a hub of Iranian culture and commerce. Later in the afternoon, you’ll journey to Dizin, nestled in the Alborz Mountains. The scenic drive offers a first glimpse of Iran’s diverse landscapes. Your day concludes as you settle into your accommodation in Dizin, preparing for the skiing adventures ahead.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure  Day 2: Skiing Adventure in Dizin

Awake in the mountainous embrace of Dizin, known for its high-quality light-powder snow and off-piste opportunities. Spend the day gliding down the slopes of Iran’s premier ski resort, set against the backdrop of the majestic Alborz Mountains. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a beginner, Dizin offers a variety of runs to suit all skill levels. The resort, a gem in the Middle East, promises an exhilarating day of skiing. As the day winds down, the cozy warmth of the resort invites you to relax and share stories of your snowy escapades.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 3 to 5: Immersive Skiing Experience in Dizin

Over the next three days, immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of Dizin. Each day brings a new opportunity to explore the expansive ski terrain, challenge yourself on different runs, and perhaps even venture off-piste for a thrilling adventure. The crisp mountain air and stunning panoramas of snow-covered peaks serve as the perfect backdrop for your skiing journey. Après-ski, the resort’s comfortable setting offers a peaceful retreat to rejuvenate, as you look forward to more days of skiing pleasure.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 6: Journey to the Southern Charms – Qeshm Island

Early morning drive to Tehran from the ski resort, then fly to Qeshm or Bandar Abbas.
Note: Direct flights from Tehran to Qeshm are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Multiple daily flights to Bandar Abbas are available. Depending on the group’s arrival, we’ll either fly straight to Qeshm or to Bandar Abbas, taking a boat to Qeshm if needed.
Enjoy a 4-day adventure on Qeshm Island and vibrant spots like Hormuz Island, Naz Island, and Hengam Island, experiencing their culture, nature, and delicious foods.
Next, head to Bandar Abbas for a boat trip to Harra forests. Explore diverse bird species, witness a beautiful sunset, and spend the night in a local house or hotel on Qeshm Island.
Accommodation: Local house or hotel in Qeshm.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 7: Discovering Naz and Hengam Islands

Your exploration continues as you visit the intriguing Xorbas Cave and the otherworldly Valley of Stars on Qeshm Island. These natural wonders, shaped by geological forces and local legends, provide a captivating experience. A short journey westwards brings you to the idyllic islands of Hengam and Naz, where you can witness dolphins and crabs in their natural habitat. The day is filled with discovery and enchantment, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Iran’s diverse natural beauty.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 8: The Mystical Hormuz Island

Embark on an exploration of Hormuz Island, renowned for its incredible edible mountain and vibrant, colorful terrain, often referred to as the Rainbow Island. The island is a geological marvel, enticing visitors with its unique landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Visit the historic Portuguese Castle and the artistic Dr. Nadalian house. A stroll along Khezr beach reveals the island’s diverse palette of colors, while the sunset on Hormuz offers an awe-inspiring view, creating lasting memories of this magical place.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 9: Further Exploration of Hormuz and Return to Tehran

Continue your adventure on Hormuz Island, exploring the Silence Cave and the Valley of the Statues, each offering a unique glimpse into the island’s geology and folklore. Wander among the colorful mountains, visit the intriguing salt cave, and enjoy the island’s coastal beauty. In the evening, you’ll return to Bandar Abbas and take a flight back to Tehran. Depending on your departure time, you can explore more of Tehran or unwind in the scenic Darband and Darakeh resorts, indulging in traditional meals and relaxing in the tranquil environment.

10 Days Iran Ski & Dive Adventure Day 10: Departure

On your final day, you’ll reflect on the unforgettable journey through Iran’s diverse landscapes, from the snowy slopes of Dizin to the colorful islands of the south. Depending on your flight schedule, you may have some time to soak in the last moments of Iranian culture before heading to Imam Khomeini Airport for your journey home. This tour, a blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty, leaves you with a rich tapestry of memories from this extraordinary corner of the world.

Tour Style


Tour Activity Level







Weekly- Saturdays 

Group Size

Min 2 / Max 8

Accommodation Class

Challet in Dizin, Standard Hotel

Tour Guide

Yes – Local tour guide 


Breakfast: 9

Minimum Age

15 yrs, accompanied by an adult 

Arr. Transfer


Dep. Transfer



North to South


10 Days


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