14 days Iran Tour by Rail

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14 days Iran Tour by Rail


Take a thrilling 14-day train journey through Iran’s heartland. See Tehran’s bustling streets, explore Tabriz’s grand bazaars, and wander through Kandovan’s extraordinary cave homes. Feel the spiritual pulse of Mashhad, be charmed by Shiraz’s poetic ambiance, and marvel at Isfahan’s architectural gems. Discover Yazd’s ancient Zoroastrian culture and relax in Kashan’s peaceful gardens. This train adventure is an ideal way to experience the rich tapestry of Iran’s history, culture, and stunning landscapes.

Exciting Highlights

  • Tehran’s Vibrancy – Explore Tehran’s blend of history and modernity, a perfect introduction to Iran’s cultural richness.
  • Tabriz Bazaar – Discover the labyrinthine bazaar of Tabriz, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with Persian history.
  • Kandovan’s Living Rocks – Marvel at Kandovan’s unique cave homes, where residents live in harmony with nature.
  • Mashhad’s Holy Shrine – Visit the stunning Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
  • Shiraz’s Poetic Spirit – Experience the poetic soul of Shiraz, home to the enchanting Nasir-al Mulk Mosque.
  • Persepolis’ Ancient Glory – Step back in time at Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire.
  • Isfahan’s Architectural Wonders – Be awed by Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan Square, surrounded by monumental buildings.
  • Yazd’s Desert Heritage – Explore Yazd, an ancient desert city showcasing Iran’s Zoroastrian culture.
  • Kashan’s Traditional Elegance – Wander through Kashan’s historic houses and serene Fin Garden.
  • Tehran’s Cultural Mosaic – Wrap up your journey in Tehran, a city where Iran’s diverse cultural tapestry comes alive.


  • Visa Authorization Code
  • Arrival/Departure Transfer
  • Enjoy private car services on select routes
  • Accommodation 11 nights in 3-4star double room and 2 nights in train
  • Meals: breakfasts at the hotels and hostels
  • Sightseeing visits & all entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Professional Iranian English-speaking Local tour guide
  • Organization of the whole trip, 24/7 Support
  • Gift Card (Iran Debit Card
  • Train: Tabriz – Mashhad – Shiraz – Isfahan – Yazd – Kashan – Tehran
  • Private Car except the days you traveling by train
  • Domestic Flight: Tehran – Tabriz

Not Included

  • International airfare, airport and departure taxes and excess baggage charges
  • Visa stamping fee collected by the Iranian embassy or arrival at the airport
  • Meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Any other personal expenses such as soft drinks, laundry, etc.
  • Gratuity for local guide and driver
  • Any special add-on package (per customer’s request)

14 days Iran Tour by Rail  Day 1: Tehran – Capital’s Cultural Treasures

Hello! Welcome to the capital of Iran.

Tehran eagerly awaits your arrival, known as a city adorned with museums, palaces, sprawling parks, and vibrant shopping centers.

Upon reaching here, the National Museum of Iran beckons-a treasure trove steeped in Iran’s civilization, housing invaluable works spanning thousands of years.

We highly recommend exploring the Souvenir Shop. It’s a haven of captivating finds that are sure to captivate your attention. Another captivating stop is the Golestan Palace, honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This exquisite palace has hosted numerous Iranian kings and witnessed significant historical events, including the coronation of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925.

Following that, you’ll be introduced to the Abgineh Museum, also known as the Glassware Museum. Nestled in a stunning garden with an ancient, charming building, this museum proudly displays Iran’s oldest and most exquisite glass pieces dating back to 4000 BC.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail  Day 2: Tehran to Tabriz – Ancient Echoes in Tabriz

Start your day with an exciting flight from Tehran to Tabriz. As you land, be greeted by the stunning view of the Eynali red mountain, a majestic natural wonder linked to tales of Eden.

First, explore the Blue Mosque or Kabud Mosque, a historic gem dating back to 1465, famous for its beautiful mosaic tiles showcasing incredible artistry.

Next, venture to Kandovan, Tabriz’s unique attraction. This village is known for its homes carved right into the mountain, offering a glimpse into an extraordinary way of life. You might even get a chance to step inside one of these homes, a truly special experience.

End your day by staying overnight in Kandovan, a rare opportunity to sleep in a village etched into stone, blending history with natural beauty.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 3: Tabriz to Mashhad – Bazaar Wonders and Rail Journeys

After breakfast, we’ll return to Tabriz and visit the Bazaar of Tabriz, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. This expansive bazaar stands as one of the world’s largest traditional markets, making it a highlight of your journey through Iran.

Comprising mosques, schools, caravanserais, and numerous eateries, exploring this labyrinthine bazaar is an experience to relish. Please ensure to stay with the group once inside, as the bazaar’s vastness can make navigation challenging.

Be sure not to miss the carpet sales section, the Mozafarieh market, and take in the impressive long vaulted passageways that add to the bazaar’s allure.
This place is truly breathtaking and astounding. You’ll encounter remarkable carpets and stunning carpet tableaus here. Following lunch, we’ll board a train and journey towards Mashhad.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 4: Mashhad – Spiritual Heart of Iran

Arrive in Mashhad by noon and after a quick rest at your hotel, join us for an inspiring tour to Tus. Discover the resting place of Ferdowsi, the legendary 10th-century Persian poet known for his epic “Shahnameh,” a masterpiece with sixty thousand verses.

Just a stone’s throw away, marvel at Haroun’s Dome, an impressive Islamic-era structure with unique decorations.

Returning to Mashhad, spend your evening at the sacred Imam Reza Shrine. This vast complex isn’t just a spiritual center but also a trove of architectural wonders and beautiful handicrafts. Don’t miss the shrine’s museums, filled with historical treasures and stunning carpets that are sure to amaze.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 5: Mashhad to Shiraz – Desert Vistas

In the morning, you’ll board a train in Shiraz. Spending the night on the train offers a chance to work on your travel log. Visit the train restaurant, where you can connect with fellow travelers, creating lasting memories of your journey through Iran. Don’t forget to call up your frineds and tell them about your journey. Prepare to venture into the mesmerizing deserts of Iran

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 6: Shiraz – Cultural and Artistic Splendor

Shiraz stands as the capital of ancient Iranian civilization, steeped in the legacy of the great Achaemenid Empire.

To capture the enchanting morning hues, we’ll visit Nasir-al Mulk Mosque before sunlight departs. Inside, you’ll be immersed in a captivating pink ambiance, offering the perfect opportunity for memorable photographs. Our next stop is the Qavam House, adorned with orange trees that add to its allure.

This residence belonged to one of Shiraz’s prominent figures and is surrounded by stunning architecture that’s sure to captivate you.

Continuing our journey, we’ll explore the Shiraz traditional Bazaar, an ideal place to purchase handicrafts and stroll through a historic site.

As evening approaches, we’ll make our way to Hafeziye, the tomb of Hafez, a renowned Iranian Sonneteer. At Hafeziye, you’ll witness locals holding Hafez’s book, engaging in intimate gatherings while reading his poetry. we recommend joining these gatherings to gain a deeper understanding of Hafez and his literary legacy.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 7: Shiraz to Isfahan – Footsteps of Empires

Today, you have the opportunity to explore the ancient Achaemenid capital, Persepolis, a designated World Heritage Site, at your own pace.In Persepolis, you’ll witness fragments of your country’s culture, as artisans from various regions contributed to constructing this complex.The site exudes a serene atmosphere, perfect for leisurely strolls lasting several hours.

Following your exploration of Persepolis, we highly recommend visiting the Necropolis, another World Heritage Site, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the grandeur of this ancient world. Here, marvel at the impressive tombs of ancient emperors nestled within the heart of the mountains.

Our tour continues with a visit to Pasargadae, also a World Heritage Site, revered as the burial place of the great Achaemenid king, Cyrus. Observing the visitors paying humble respects to this esteemed king, reflecting on Iran’s illustrious past, can be quite poignant.

Engaging in conversation with an Iranian visitor might offer deeper insight into this sentiment. As night falls, you’ll arrive in Isfahan, preparing yourself for a journey through this globally renowned city.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 8: Isfahan – The Essence of Persian Art

This motto may sound familiar to you: “Isfahan is half of the world.”

Esfahan is known as a world craft city, boasting traditional and incredible art visible throughout its traditional markets.

Our exploration of Isfahan begins with Chehel Sotoun Palace, a designated World Heritage Site. Hstorically, this palace was where Safavid Kings conducted political negotiations with ambassadors from European and Asian countries.

A significant contemporary event at the palace was Queen Elizabeth’s visit in February 1961. The familiar motto “Isfahan is half of the world” resonates deeply.

Isfahan, known as a world craft city, boasts an abundance of traditional and incredible art showcased throughout its bustling markets. Our journey through Isfahan commences at the Chehel Sotoun Palace, a distinguished World Heritage Site. Historically, this was the venue where Safavid Kings conducted vital political negotiations with ambassadors from European and Asian countries. Notably, in February 1961, the site welcomed a significant visit from Queen Elizabeth.

Continuing our exploration, we venture to one of the world’s most captivating urban squares, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, also a World Heritage Site. The vicinity is teeming with handicraft shops that offer a serene ambiance for unhurried exploration.

The soothing sounds of carriages echo around the square, inviting you to embark on a carriage ride around its perimeter—an experience not to be missed.

Our journey progresses to the Shah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace. Ascend to the top of Ali Qapu Palace for a sweeping view of Isfahan. From this vantage point, Isfahan appears as a flat and sparsely populated city. As evening descends, we’ll visit the historic Khaju and Si-o-se Pol bridges, their beauty magnified in the darkness. Engage your guide to unravel the mystery behind the name “thirty-three bridges”—the answer might just surprise you!

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 9: Isfahan – Religious Harmony and Historic Beauty

Today, we’ll delve into the topic of Christians in Iran. Our journey takes us to the Jolfa quarter, where you’ll acquaint yourself with Isfahan’s Christian community by wandering through its medieval lanes.

First, we visit Vank Cathedral, Isfahan’s oldest church adorned with paintings depicting stories from the Bible.

 Returning to Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a World Heritage Site, we’ll explore the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. This unique mosque, unlike others, lacks minarets and was under the patronage of the royal family during the Safavid era. The distinctive dome pattern has become an emblem of Isfahan.

Along the northern side of the square stands the entrance to Isfahan Bazaar, adorned with drawings depicting the European presence in the city. A top the mosaic tiles, you’ll find the Isfahan Zodiac, specifically the Sagittarius.

 To conclude our tour, we’ll savor a special dinner featuring Isfahan’s culinary delights. Bon appétit!

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 10: Isfahan to Yazd – Transition to Zoroastrian Mystique

Today, we dedicate our time to further exploring the wonders of Isfahan.

We start with a tour of the Encyclopedia of Architecture of Iran, the Jame Mosque of Isfahan, a World Heritage Site. This mosque stands as a masterpiece of Iranian architecture, with various historical additions. Standing beneath the domes of Nizam al-Mulk and Taj al-Mulk, you’ll truly appreciate the mosque’s magnificence.

 Don’t miss the Aljayto Altar for its breathtaking beauty. Later, as part of your leisure time, we’ll return to the Jolfa quarter. To bid farewell to Isfahan with musical accompaniment, we’ll visit the Music Museum.

Enjoy a few hours exploring Iranian musical instruments while talented musicians perform captivating pieces. After exploring Isfahan, we’ll head to Yazd, the heart of the Zoroastrian religion. If time permits, a one-hour stroll at the Amir Chakhmagh Complex will enrich your trip.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 11: Yazd – Ancient Rituals and Timeless Architecture

Today’s exploration of Yazd begins with a visit to the Tower of Silence, where you’ll learn about burial customs in Zoroastrianism.

You’ll also visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a place of worship where Zoroastrian clerics pray around the sacred fire. Witnessing this ritual is a serene experience, as fire is believed to cleanse all sins in Zoroastrianism.

Our journey continues with a visit to the Jame Mosque of Yazd. The mosque’s stunning azure color and observing worshippers add to its allure. A stroll through the clay and mud lanes of Fahadan leads us to the Amir Chakhmagh Complex. The Water Museum here narrates the history of water in the desert and showcases tools used to dig Qanat

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 12: Yazd to Kashan – Oasis Gardens and Persian Heritage

On our final day in Yazd, we’ll explore the Dowlat Abad Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This garden, set in the desert, dates back to the 18th century and boasts the world’s tallest windproof structure, standing at 33 meters. In the evening, catch the train to Kashan, arriving at night. Overnight: Kashan (Guesthouse), Meals: B, L, D, Transport: Train

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 13: Kashan to Tehran – Final Glimpses of Persian Elegance

Kashan, one of Iran’s oldest cities and the birthplace of Silk civilization, will be our next destination. Our tour begins with the Amin al-Dawlah Timche, featuring a remarkable ceiling and stunning muqarnas tiles and bricks.

Another highlight is the Aqa Bozorg Mosque, a fine example of mosque construction in harmony with the local climate. The mosque’s windproof feature provides cooling.

Our next stop is the Abassian House, a traditional Iranian house that has hosted several film shoots. Finally, we’ll visit the Fin Garden, a World Heritage Site, known for its tall trees and flowing water, which might seem miraculous in the heart of the desert. This garden was also the site of the tragic murder of Amir Kabir, a revered minister during the Qajar period.

14 days Iran Tour by Rail Day 14: Tehran – Departure

As your tour concludes, take with you the memories of Iran’s stunning sites, from the bustling bazaars of Tehran to the ancient ruins of Persepolis, the cultural splendor of Isfahan, and the mystical ambiance of Yazd. Depart with a deeper understanding of this land’s rich history and culture, go ahead and spread the word tell your family and friends also mention us on tripadvsor.

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