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Iran Budget Tour

About this tour

Iran Budget Tour 8 Days, an economically priced tour, handpicked and recommended by our CEO for its exceptional value. Journey through Iran’s enchanting landscapes and delve into a rich tapestry of history, from Tehran’s vibrant bazaars to the poetic ambience of Shiraz. This tour combines affordability with quality, offering expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and a plethora of unforgettable experiences. It’s a perfect blend of exploration and relaxation, tailored for those seeking both adventure and value. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the wonders of Persia, where every moment is a step through history and every scene a feast for the senses Apply for your Iran visa authorization code today and take advantage of our discount.

Iran Budget Tour

Exciting Highlights

  • Tehran – Visit Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, and the National Museum of Iran.
  • Isfahan – Explore Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, and historic mosques.
  • Yazd – Discover Zoroastrian heritage at the Temple of Eternal Fire and Towers of Silence.
  • Ardakan – See the world’s largest one-sided wind tower and traditional qanat systems.
  • Shiraz – Visit the Tomb of Hafez, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, and Naranjestan Garden.
  • Persepolis – Explore the ancient ruins of the Achaemenid Empire.
  • Naghsh-e Rostam – Marvel at the Achaemenid Necropolis and Rock Reliefs.



  • Visas and permits for Iran, with guidance and processing fees included.
  • Airport pickup upon arrival.
  • VIP Bus Tickets:
    • Tehran to Isfahan.
    • Isfahan to Yazd.
    • Yazd to Shiraz.
  • Departure airport drop-off.
  • Accommodation: 7 nights in a comfortable 3-star hotel.
  • Meals: Breakfasts are provided at hotels and hostels.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Emergency contact throughout your trip.
  • Gift Card: Iran Debit Card included.

Not Included

  • International airfare, airport taxes, and excess baggage charges
  • Visa stamp fee
  • Additional meals: Lunch and dinner
  • Sightseeing visits and entrance fees as per itinerary
  • Personal expenses like beverages, laundry, and phone calls
  • Optional activities not included in the tour itinerary
  • Gratuity for local guide and driver
  • Any special add-on package at the customer’s request
  • Baggage fees
  • City tour transfers payable by travelers
  • Professional English-speaking local tour guide in Iran

8 Days Iran Budget Tour  Day 1: Tehran Sightseeing

Today, prepare for an exciting journey to Tehran. We’ll be visiting the magnificent Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the sprawling Tehran Grand Bazaar. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure through the National Museum of Iran and the stunning Tabiat Bridge.

🛌 Overnight in Tehran.

8 Days Iran Budget Tour  Day 2: Tehran to Isfahan

After breakfast, we’ll take a scenic drive to Isfahan, stopping at Kashan’s beautiful Fin Garden and the House of Borojerdiha. As the day comes to an end, we’ll enjoy a stroll through the historic Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, where melodies come from people’s heart .

🛌 Overnight in Isfahan

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 3: Isfahan Sightseeing

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Isfahan. Explore the world-renowned Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, and the Isfahan Grand Bazaar. Conclude your day with a visit to Chehel Sotun Palace and a traditional teahouse.

🛌 Overnight in Isfahan.

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 4: Isfahan to Yazd via Ardakan

Today’s journey takes you from Isfahan to Yazd, with a fascinating stop in Ardakan. Explore the city’s ancient wind tower and its impressive aqueduct. Discover the traditional Tahini workshop before heading to Yazd.

🛌 Overnight in Yazd

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 5: Yazd 

In Yazd, we’ll explore the UNESCO-listed old town, visit the Zoroastrian Temple of Eternal Fire, and the ancient Towers of Silence. Be amazed by the Amir Chakhmaq Complex and the cultural spectacle at Saheb Zurkhaneh.

🛌Overnight in Yazd

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 6: Yazd to Shiraz

Leaving Yazd, we’ll travel to Shiraz, visiting the magnificent Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, and the iconic Quran Gate. This day is a journey through 2500 years of Persian history.

🛌Overnight in Shiraz

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 7: Shiraz 

Experience the poetic beauty of Shiraz. Visit the Tomb of Hafez, explore Vakil Grand Bazaar, and marvel at the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque. Enjoy the serene Naranjestan Garden and the Hamzeh Shrine.

🛌Overnight in Shiraz

8 Days Iran Budget Tour Day 8: Departure

As your journey through Persia comes to a close, reflect on the unforgettable experiences and friendships forged. Depart for home, carrying memories of a lifetime. ✈️

Tour Style

Cultural & Heritage 

Tour Activity Level







Weekly- Saturdays 

Group Size

Min 2 / Max 8

Accommodation Class

Affordable Hotels

Tour Guide

Yes – Local tour guide 


Breakfast: 7

Minimum Age

15 yrs, accompanied by an adult 

Arr. Transfer


Dep. Transfer



Central Iran


8 Days


  1. Sarah Thompson

    My family and I had an unforgettable time exploring Iran with Bepersia. The diverse landscapes and rich history made every moment special and It was done all in a budget trip in 8 days. Highly recommend!

  2. Carol

    It was a great tour Mohammad helped us to organize the tour and tailored it based on our family request.
    loved it

  3. Jos

    We discovered so many hidden gems in Iran thanks to our BePersia guide. Each day brought new and exciting experiences. Thanks to Parnian for suggesting this tour

  4. John Peterson

    Exceptional Experience
    From bustling markets to serene mosques, Iran offers a unique blend of experiences. The tour was well-organized and insightful.

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