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Now it’s time to explore Yazd on your adventure: wander through ancient streets, see the eternal fire temple, marvel at unique desert architecture, and indulge in delicious local cuisine in this enchanting Iranian city.

Exciting Highlights:

  • Explore Yazd, UNESCO-listed ancient city, full of unique desert architecture.
  • Visit the Zoroastrian Temple of Eternal Fire, a glimpse into ancient religious practices.
  • See the Towers of Silence, historical Zoroastrian burial grounds.
  • Admire the Amir Chakhmaq Complex’s grand square and impressive structures.
  • Witness traditional Iranian sports and rituals at Saheb Zurkhaneh.
  • Immerse in local culture with spiritual practices and community manners.
  • Marvel at Yazd’s famous wind catchers and distinctive desert buildings.
  • Enjoy delicious traditional Iranian meals, experiencing the local taste.
  • Relax and socialize in the historical and lively Amir Chakhmaq square

Explore on a captivating journey through Yazd, a UNESCO-recognized ancient city famed for its stunning desert architecture. Your day begins with a visit to the Temple of Eternal Fire, a testament to the enduring Zoroastrian religion. Next, explore the historic Towers of Silence, an intriguing Zoroastrian burial site where rituals of life and death intertwine.

Your adventure continues at the magnificent Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Here, marvel at a grand square, an ancient caravanserai, a mosque, and impressive wind catchers, all reflecting the city’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

Nearby, at Saheb Zurkhaneh on the north side of Amir Chakhmaq square, experience the traditional Iranian sport, a blend of physical prowess and spiritual rituals. Watch as locals engage in rhythmic exercises with heavy wooden clubs, accompanied by drumbeats and chanting, a unique cultural spectacle showcasing deep-rooted religious devotion. This visit offers a profound glimpse into the soul and traditions of Yazd.

This tour, loved by our recent travelers, is not just a trip – it’s an exploration of Iran’s hidden natural wonders and a deep dive into its rich cultural heritage, promising an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Tour Guide: Experienced, bilingual guide knowledgeable in Iranian history and culture.
  • Breakfast Included: Enjoy traditional and continental breakfast options.
  • Accommodation: Comfortable, handpicked hotels with modern amenities.
  • Minimum Age: 12 years old.
  • Trip Type: Cultural, Historical.
  • Start/End Point: Yazd, Iran.
  • Group Size: Small group for a personalized experience (max 15 people).
  • Arr.Transfer: Yes
  • Dep.Transfer: Yes


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