21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget


Discover on a 21-day journey through Iran’s Silk Road, tracing the paths of ancient caravans and exploring the rich cultural and historical legacy of the Persian Empire. Witness the Royal Road’s role in trade, communication, and the spread of ideas. Discover cities that flourished with bazaars, caravansaries, and bathhouses, reflecting a deep intercultural exchange. This tour takes you to marvel at Iran’s artistic and architectural wonders, offering a glimpse into the grandeur of Persia’s past.”

Exciting Highlights

  • Tabriz Exploration- Discover the cultural fusion in Tabriz, visiting historical mosques, museums, and the famous bazaar.
  • Kandovan’s Unique Village- Explore the intriguing volcanic village of Kandovan, where homes are carved into rocky mountainsides.
  • Zanjan’s Architectural Gem-Witness the impressive Gonbad-e Sultanieh dome in Zanjan, a marvel of ancient engineering.
  • Tehran’s Cultural Treasures- Delve into Iran’s history at Tehran’s National Museum and marvel at the royal jewels collection.
  • Isfahan’s Architectural Wonders- Be amazed by Isfahan’s Royal Square, its stunning mosques, and historic bridges.
  • Shiraz’s Historic Sites- Visit Shiraz’s Zand complex and the poetic Hafez tomb, alongside the ancient ruins of Persepolis.
  • Kerman’s Desert Charm- Explore Kerman’s adaptation to desert life, visiting historical mosques and serene Shahzadeh Gardens.
  • Yazd’s Zoroastrian Heritage- Experience the Zoroastrian culture in Yazd with visits to fire temples and Towers of Silence.
  • Mesr’s Desert Landscape- Discover the Mesr desert’s beauty, with its sand dunes and traditional village life.
  • Mashhad’s Spiritual Essence-Conclude in Mashhad, visiting the revered Imam Reza shrine and Ferdowsi’s tomb.


  • Visa Authorization Code
  • Arrival/Departure Transfer
  • 5 private car services on select routes – Public Bus
  • Accommodation basic traditional hotels-hostels for 21 nights
  • Meals: breakfasts at the hotels and hostels
  • Professional Iranian English-speaking Local tour guide
  • Organization of the whole trip, 24/7 Support
  • Gift Card (Iran Debit Card
  • Train from Mashhad to Tehran

Not Included

  • International airfare, airport and departure taxes and excess baggage charges
  • Visa stamping fee collected by the Iranian embassy or arrival at the airport
  • Meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Sightseeing visits & all entrance fees as per the itinerary
  • Any other personal expenses such as soft drinks, laundry, etc.
  • Gratuity for local guide and driver
  • Any special add-on package (per customer’s request)
  • City tour transfers payable by travelers

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget  Day 1: Tabriz – Cultural Gateway

Start your journey with a drive or flight to Tabriz. Visit the revered tomb of Shahriar, a celebrated Persian and Azeri poet. Wander through the bustling bazaar, a treasure trove of ethnic crafts. Admire the Jameh and Kabood Mosques’ splendid architecture, and delve into the rich history at the Azerbaijan and Constitution Revolution Museums.
Experience the unique Azari culture firsthand. Stay overnight in Tabriz, immersing yourself in its historical charm.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget  Day 2: Tabriz/Kandovan – Living in Stone

Travel for about two hours from Tabriz to the enchanting Kandovan village, famed for its mountain-carved homes. This 3000-year-old settlement showcases a unique harmony between nature and human ingenuity. Explore its traditional lifestyle and marvel at how locals coexist seamlessly with the rocky landscape.
Return to Tabriz for the night, enriched by this extraordinary experience.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 3: Zanjan – Dome of Wonder

A short drive brings you to Zanjan. Here, marvel at the Gonbad-e Sultanieh, renowned as the world’s second-largest brick dome. Wander through Zanjan’s bustling bazaar and savor traditional flavors at a historic Safavid Caravanserai.
Conclude your day with an overnight stay in Zanjan, surrounded by architectural wonders.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 4: Tehran – Heart of Persia

Enjoy a comfortable bus ride to Tehran. Visit the Iran National Museum, a treasure trove of priceless artifacts. Stroll through Tehran’s bustling bazaar, and perhaps relax in a cozy tea-house. Be dazzled by the exquisite collection at the Iran Jewels Museum, showcasing 2500 years of Iranian monarchy.
Stay overnight in Tehran, experiencing its vibrant blend of history and culture.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 5: Relax and Explore Tehran

Spend a day at leisure in Tehran, exploring at your own pace. Overnight stay in this vibrant city.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 6: Isfahan – Architectural Elegance

Travel by bus to Isfahan and discover its World Heritage-listed Royal Square. Admire the Royal Mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, and Aliqapoo Palace. Explore the elegant Chehelsotoon and Hasht Behesht palaces. Enjoy an overnight stay in the historic city of Isfahan.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 7: Isfahan’s Armenian Quarter and Riverside Wonders

Spend your day in Isfahan exploring the stunning Armenian Vank Church and the quaint Jolfa quarter. Enjoy a leisurely walk by the Isfahan river, admiring the historical bridges arching over it. The afternoon is yours to relax or continue exploring.
End your day with another peaceful night in Isfahan.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 8: Free Day in Captivating Isfahan

Enjoy a day of leisure in beautiful Isfahan. Explore, relax, and soak up the city’s charm. Stay overnight in Isfahan.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 9: Shiraz – City of Poetry

Board a bus to Shiraz and delve into its rich history. Visit the Zand complex, featuring a castle, gardens, and mosque, offering a glimpse of Shiraz’s past glory.

Spend a memorable night in this historic city.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 10: Shiraz – Ancient Wonders of Shiraz

Drive from Shiraz to the awe-inspiring Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam). Discover the ancient ruins of Persepolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, revealing stories of a bygone era. Experience the warmth of local culture at Hafez’s tomb, where his timeless poems come alive.

Spend another enriching night in the historical city of Shiraz.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 11: Kerman -Journey to Kerman’s Desert Oasis

Set off on a drive to Kerman, nestled amidst mountains and desert landscapes. Explore this unique city to see how locals have ingeniously adapted to life in a desert environment. Enjoy the blend of natural beauty and cultural resilience. Spend your night in Kerman, experiencing the serene desert atmosphere.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 12: Kerman – Sufi Encounters

Spend your day in Kerman exploring the Moshtagh Alishah tomb, a beacon of Sufism and mysticism. Experience the traditional Iranian hammams at Ganjalikhan and marvel at the grandeur of the Kerman Jame Mosque. In the afternoon, take a short drive to Mahan. Visit the shrine of Sufi master Shah Nematollah Vali and relax in the lush Shahzadeh Gardens, a striking example of Persian landscape contrasted against the desert backdrop. Your enriching day ends with an overnight stay in Kerman.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 13: Zeinoddin – Desert Nights

Travel to the serene Zeinoddin desert, a short drive away. Spend the day exploring the historic Zeinoddin Caravanserai, a timeless retreat amidst stunning desert scenery. Reflect on the traditional ways of desert life. Cap off your day with a peaceful overnight stay in Zeinoddin, under the starlit desert sky.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 14: Yazd – Zoroastrian Mysteries

Head out on a brief drive to Yazd, a city steeped in Zoroastrian history. Visit the intriguing fire temple and the Towers of Silence. Discover the Yazd Water Museum, learning about the ancient Qanat water systems. Admire the Yazd Jame Mosque’s stunning minarets and intricate brickwork, and explore the impressive Amirchaghmagh complex. Conclude your day with an overnight stay in the captivating city of Yazd.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 15: Yazd – Free Exploration

Enjoy a free day in Yazd to explore at your leisure. Stay overnight.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 16: Mesr Desert

Journey a few hours to Mesr, amidst Persian desert dunes and Kavir’s scenery. Visit Bayazeh village en route

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 17: Damghan – Ancient Crossroads

Take a drive to the historic city of Damghan, where the central desert meets the lush Caspian region. Explore its rich heritage including the Tarikhane Mosque, Iran’s oldest. See the Chehel Dokhtaran tower, the grand Jame Mosque, and the revered Pir-e Alamdar shrine, all showcasing Damghan’s deep historical significance.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 18: Travel to Spiritual Mashhad

Board a bus for a comfortable journey to Mashhad. Spend your night in this revered city.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 19: Spiritual Heart of Mashhad

Explore Mashhad, home to the sacred shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shiites. Visit this revered mausoleum and experience the city’s spiritual essence.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 20: Mashhad’s Cultural visit

Visit the legendary Ferdowsi tomb and the historic Harounieh site in Tous. Conclude with an overnight train journey back to Tehran.

21-Day Discover Silk Road in budget Day 21: Farewell to Iran

Your memorable journey in Iran comes to an end. We’ll miss having you with us. Safe travels and cherish the memories!

Tour Style

Cultural & Heritage 

Tour Activity Level







Weekly- Saturdays 

Group Size

Min 2 / Max 8

Accommodation Class

budget-friendly hotels and hostels

Tour Guide

Yes – Local tour guide 


Breakfast: 20

Minimum Age

15 yrs, accompanied by an adult 

Arr. Transfer


Dep. Transfer



Central Iran- West-East


21 Days


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