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Setareh Khayatan

8 simple tips regarding applying for Iran visa

By Setareh Khayatan ,

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Traveling and getting a visa might have been sounded a bit arduous and have never been free of last-minute hitches and stress. No matter what the reason for your travel is, there are many variables and couples of exceptions to take into account in the process of acquiring a visa.

A country named Iran possesses one of the most ancient histories in the world, replete with amazing natural landscapes and full of stunning landmarks, which are lovely for selective travelers. Iran’s varied and thrilling spots offer the traveler a truly of awe-inspiring achievements and unobstructed views to discover.

Iran, like many countries, makes its visa regulations due to the consulates and ministries, an Iran visa will be granted for most of the foreign nationals who are interested in traveling to Iran individually or with a group. Yes! Massive Iran does get a lot of tourists from all around the world, especially western nationals.

In this case, most travelers are seeking the ways and procedures in which they can acquire an Iran visa as efficiently as possible. It is worth noting that the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also trying to make Iran visa policy easier and facilitate the process for many nationalities. 

Comprehensive guides and tips are prepared in this article to take a trouble-free journey to Iran, the land of history and art.


1. Visa types

In the first step, you need to glean for what purpose you want to enter Iran. As regulations are distinctive in each visa, it is a crucial factor to scrutiny.

The Iran visa types consist of:

  • Entry
  • Tourist
  • Pilgrimage
  • Diplomatic
  • Service
  • Education
  • Temporary work
  • Transit
  • Media
  • Investment
  • Marital
  • Medical


It is highly recommended to read the Iran visa types and regulations for more details.

2. Visa eligibility

There are many bewildered and undemanding steps about the application process for receiving an Iran visa. Indeed, Iran is a country where the application process differs depending upon your nationality.

However, obtaining an Iran visa is not as burdensome as it may first appear. Some countries are categorized as visa-free, which means they are not needed to get an Iran visa. And others may obtain a visa in two ways 1. Visa at embassy 2. Visa on arrival. There is just an exception for Israel, which is not eligible to enter Iran.


3. Requirements for Iran visa

All applicants must fulfill the relevant documentation required for respective visa categories. In the case of Iran, Passport holders of various countries are required to prepare different documents. Although most nationals approximately require the same documentations for Iran visa, American, British, and Canadian citizens require to prepare a resume and take their trip to Iran with an organized tour.

Read more on detailed documents you need for Iran visa

4. Filling out Iran visa application form

travelers who are looking to obtain a visa to travel to Iran are required to fill in and sign the official application form, which is one of the essential parts of the entire Iranian visa application process.

The visa application form has some inquiries that must be filled in by the applicant with relevant information.


* Bear in mind that any erroneous answer will result in your visa being refused.

Click on the Iran Visa application form and fill it out conveniently as described.

5. Using travel agency services

Acquiring an Iran tourist visa feel necessary for a pre-approval confirmation from the Foreign Ministry in Tehran. After you complete your registration on the visa application form, A travel agency, like BePersiaTravel, must apply for a visa from the Foreign Ministry on your behalf. Once accredited, the Foreign Ministry will then provide the travel agency with a visa authorization number that corresponds closely to your application. It is a 7-8 digital code for which you can then apply for a tourist visa at the embassies or airports.

6. Ways of collecting visa


To expand its tourism industry, Iran has granted visa-free access to the following seven countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt, and Syria. These nationals are eligible to enter Iran without a visa.

Travelers from the visa-free countries can sojourn Iran for the following number of days:

  • Armenia (90 Days),
  • Azerbaijan (30 Days),
  • Bolivia (30 Days),
  • Egypt (20 Days),
  • Georgia (45 Days),
  • Lebanon (30 Days),
  • Malaysia (15 Days),
  • Serbia (30 Days),
  • Turkey (90 Days),
  • Venezuela (15 Days).

These travelers only need a valid passport from their country of origin. Notice that the passport must not have a stamp from Israel; otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the country.

Iran visa on arrival

Iran visa on arrival’ indicates that you need a visa to enter, but can apply for and receive the Iran visa when you arrive at the airport.

VOA visa (stands for Iran visa on arrival) have 14-30 days validity and is receivable at major Iranian international airports consist of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Kish.

Iran visa on arrival fee depends on the travelers’ nationality, which is payable at the passport office at the airport. In this regard, in Iranvisa24’svisa feesection, you can conveniently find your visa fee related to your nationality.

  • All the citizens except Americans, Canadians, British, and the nationals of Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, India, Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan can acquire Iran visa on arrival.
  • If an applicants’ visa has already been rejected, he /she cannot request VOA.
  • The journalists, reporters, and TV programmers cannot obtain Iran visas at airports.
  • It is necessary to bring cash at the airport as VOA is just payable by cash.

It is good to know to mention that although you can obtain your visa upon arriving in Iran, we recommend you to apply via the valid agencies, BePersiaTravel agency, before traveling to Iran in order to release the probable rejection.

Iran visa at the embassy

You can receive the authorization code by a travel agency, and the visa collection place can be Iranian embassies, which makes the time procedures easier, shorter, and safer.

7. Visa validity

Iran visa is commonly issued as a 30-day tourist visa. This is the maximum days a traveler allowed to stay in Iran, but it is extendable twice up to 60 days.

8. Congratulation!


You got your Iran visa! Enter and embark on an astonishing journey and discover Iran in the West of Asia. A country of contrasts whose differences are one of its greatest notability. In this welcoming nation, you will find magnificent mountains and endless beaches at the edge of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. You will also find pompous castles and palaces that seem to have come out of a fairy tale.





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