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Setareh Khayatan

Essential Requirements for Iran Visa 2020

By Setareh Khayatan ,

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As a tourist, you have a lot of countries that you would love to visit; for this purpose, you need to prepare some requirements, but some of them keep putting your plans off. In the first step, when you enter a country, you will need a visa. Some visas are tough and time-consuming to get and require a lot of documents. Some even cannot do without sending your passport to the Embassy, which means you cannot travel until getting your visa at the Embassy. It might be difficult for persons who regularly travel around the world. Fortunately, that is not the case with entering Iran as you can collectIran visa on arrival at the Iranian airports or Iran visa in advance at Iranian Embassies for tourist purposes, except countries such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Iran Visa requirements

Before applying for an Iran visa, please remind to collect and gather the following items.

  1. Iran visa application form
  2. Passport validation for Iran adventure (at least six months)
  3. Digital personal photo following the requirements mentioned
  4. Digital image of your passport following the requirements mentioned
  5. Travel itinerary/Invitation letter (if necessary)
  6. Resume (needed for some countries)
  7. IranVisa24’s pre-approval visa code
  8. Congratulation! With this Iran visa authorization code, you can get your Iran visa at the airport or Iranian Embassy less than 30 Days

Iran Visa requirements

Iran visa application form

Online Iran visa application form is prepared for non-immigrant travellers by the Ministry of foreign affairs. Some travel companies and tour operators like be Persia offer Iran visa grants as we do on our site,, and you can fill out the Iran visa application form to acquire Iran visa authorization code.

In the first step, after completing the Iran application form, we demand you to check all data and fill out your information correctly. Then, you receive the Iran visa code, which is one of the documents you need to get an Iranian visa. Even you can estimate your Iran visa fee in the visa fee assistants’ section to assure you of passing all steps in your visa process. In this regard, please bring your visa code (Iran visa authorization code) with the other requirements to the Iranian Embassy or airport you have chosen to collect your Iran visa.


Photo requirement

the first thing you need for your document is your photo, which is an important item you require for the provision of the Iran visa process. We recommend you consider the following tips and review the specific elements for your visa photo. Please note that photos should not be changed digitally to alter your face and appearance. Review the information below to ensure that your photo meets all the requirements. The approval of your picture depends on the Embassy or consulate applied.


The list of necessities for the personal photo

  1. The height of the photo should be greater than the width
  2. Should be sized in 400 (width) * 600 (height) pixels
  3. Be in colour
  4. Be in (JPG, JPEG, PNG.) file format
  5. Be less than 500 kB (Otherwise it won’t be accepted)
  6. Should be covered the applicant’s face about 70-80% of the photo
  7. Be shown your current appearance
  8. Be taken in white background
  9. Be taken with regular clothing
  10. Should not wear a cap, a hat, or scarf that hides the hair or hairline (If you are dressing for a religious purpose, your full face must be transparent, and the head covering must not lay any shadows on your face).
  11. Not allowed to wear eyeglasses in visa photos, just for some circumstances when they cannot be removed for medical reasons
  12. Should not digitally scan from driver’s licenses or other official documents
  13. take a new picture of yourself if you add or remove numerous changes like a significant amount of weight loss or gain, and facial surgery
Iran Visa requirements

Passport Copy Requirements

The next document which you should present is the digital scan of your passport. We recommend you read the tips below or use a professional photo service of Iran visa 24 to ensure that the digital image of your passport meets all the requirements.

The list of necessities for the scan of your passport:

  • In colour
  • In (JPG, JPEG, PNG.) file format
  • less than 500 kB in file size (less than ten kB is not accepted)
  • Just the first page
  • Height must be less than the width
  • Be sized in 800(width) x 600(height) pixels

Iran Visa requirements


British, American, and Canadian applicants are required to prepare a detailed Resume and pack it with other documents to offer to the Embassy. It doesn’t need to be too complicated and lengthy.

Iran visa authorization code

We will grant your visa authorization number in 2-3 working days. Your visa code is a 6-7-digit number that alludes to your specific visa application case. The validation of this code is approximately 25 days in Iranian Embassy or Consulate that you have selected to acquire your visa. Be sure to make contact with the embassies and consulates beforehand as the chosen policy is different in various embassies. In this regard, some Embassies may issue the visa within a couple of hours, but others may hold your passport for several weeks. Depending on your nationality, the guidelines are different, so you must be correctly informed. The procedures can effortlessly arrange if you provide the correct information. If you have any trouble in your Iran visa and no time for arrangements, we handle it for you to get your Iranian visa at arrival entry in Iran. Feel free to contact Iran visa 24 for any inquiries.



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