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Alireza Saberi

Iran Visa for UK Citizens

By Alireza Saberi ,

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In history courses taught around the world, especially the UK, it is well stated and mentioned that Iran played an essential role in making history and the beginning of civilization. Some citizens & history Ph.D. of the UK are well informed about UK and Iran history. Especially the globetrotter of the UK might wonder whether they can travel to Iran or not considering the relationship between the countries, which are somehow on edge.

Iran and the UK have far landing relationships that date back to the 13th century when the Ilkhanid dynasty was ruling Iran. At that time, the ties between two different countries in connections were just limited to military advice that was using Iran lands by UK troops. As time passed, the relations and connections increased and decreased in terms of political, economic, and even martial services. Sometimes it was contentions with treaties the other time it was the best of cooperation to the point that for some 40 years ago, thousands of Englishmen have lived and worked among Iranian. Transferred their culture and style of living that still some manners and behaviors are remained with Iranian people and transcended up to this very day. Even though the relationships between 2 parties may have been paused, never stopped. By change of Iran government &its ruling system after the revolutions in 1978, the relationship between 2 countries has entered into a new phase. After the revolution, Iran changed its political name, Persia, into the Islamic Republic of Iran in which Islamic regulations officially formed the laws and costumes of the country by which, before that time, only people obliged themselves to do so, not the governing system. As a UK citizen, it is somehow a little bit different to travel to Iran than tourists & visitors from other countries, but it is not tricky or something unusual. As a British national, you need a visa to travel to Iran in which you should make your visa well in advance of your date of travel. So here goes the big question again: Can I travel to Iran as a British national? Yes, why not.


In order to apply for your Iran visa, there included in which some requirements for UK citizens are embedded:

  1. Visa is of the utmost essential entry requirement to travel to Iran. As mentioned above, for UK citizens, you should make your visa well in advance of your date of travel.
  2. To enter Iran as a UK citizen and enjoy visiting one of the most beautiful cultural sites of the world, you must be part of an organized tour, and independently traveling for Canadian, USA, and UK citizens are impossible.
  3. Since you & your country are one of the particular countries in which there are some regulations to obtain your visa, you must have a small resume of your last ten years of life activities and personal affairs like your job, hobbies, your purpose to travel Iran, and it is either for business or tourism.
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) must approve your visa. The approval process will only be completed when you get your visa authorization code in which there are two ways included. The first way and the risky one also is that you must enter the embassy give your reasons and have a small interview by MFA which is not recommended because the probability of the rejection could be high, the second and safest way to obtain your visa authorization code is to send us your entry requirement for us to do the job, and this might take around two weeks, in which we are honored to do the application processing for you with high-quality staff for some 20 years of experience in providing the easiest and safest way of traveling to Iran, with almost zero percent of rejection. Sounds cool, isn’t it? While we are providing you with the authorization code, you and your fellows have extra time and energy to plan your trip to make your memories more memorable.



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