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Setareh Khayatan

Iran Visa Types and Regulations

By Setareh Khayatan ,

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Based on the regulation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there are several kinds of visas that are related to the purposes of your trip.In this regard, The Iranian visa permits you to enter massive Iran for a specified duration of time. As an applicant, you should be able to offer all requirements for Iran visa and in the first step, it is necessary to determine which type of visa you require. 

The table below clarifies types of non-immigrant visas, all the related information, and requirements for Iran visa. We, Iranvisa24, allow applicants to process Iran visa requests easily through our website, www.iranvisa24.comfrom a laptop or smartphone and whenever they apply online for the Iran visa, our extensive expertise will be granted by our experienced visa specialists. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact services. 



Visa types


Who can apply for an Iran visa?


Requirements for Iran visa

E- Entry

Iran Visa for Foreigners whose Letter of Invitation has been granted by Ministries (consulates),Governmental Organizations, and non-public or Public Sectors

- Faculty members and researchers in the fields of education and culture

- Common transporting of goods and people

- members of international organizations and specialists such as officials, politicians, economists, artists, and sportsmen

- Internationally Recognized merchants and experts

- The staffs of the United Nations and affiliates

-Relatives of foreign citizens residing in Iran

1.Valid invitation

2. Iran Visa application form

3. probable interview at the consulate


B- tourist

Iran Visa for citizens who want to visit Iran for tourism purposes


1.Iran Visa application form

2. probable interview at the consulate


Iran Visa for Muslims who want to visit Holy places in Iran

Muslim tourist

1. Iran Visa application form

2. probable interview at the consulate


D- diplomatic

S- service

Iran Visa for diplomats who want to offer services

- diplomatic employees, consular officials, and International officials working in one of the Iranian organizations

- Transients guests of diplomats or official employees staying in Iran

- Diplomatic / Official passport holders participating in conferences, apprenticeship, cultural & educational programs, or meetings

- Diplomatic or Official passport holders who want to enter Iran for tourism or pilgrimage 

1.Official or Diplomatic Passport

2. Iran Visa application form


Iran Visa for foreign students or scholars who want to study in Iran

- School students

- Students

- Researchers


1. Certificate of permission for Nonimmigrant student Status from the science ministry, education ministry, or an authorized academic institution

2. Iran Visa application form


F- temporary work

Iran Visa for foreign citizens whose intention is to work in Iran

talented workers who are Specialists in the fields of medicine, industry, and engineering

1. Obtaining the labor certification from an employer in Iran, approved by the labor ministry

2. Iran Visa application form

G- transit

Iran Visa for foreign citizens who don’t stay in Iran and just pass through it




1. Declaring destinations

2. Iran Visa application form


H- media

Iran Visa for media members as filmmakers/producers, reporters, prints, or the press who want to report or work in a profession in Iran.





1. Iran Visa application form

2. Obtaining permission from the Media & Public Diplomacy centers


Iran Visa for foreigners who want to invest in Iran and their investment permission are accepted by the Investment Economic and Technical Assistance organization of Iran 



1. Seal of approval from the Organization of Investment, Economic, and Technical Assistance

2. Iran Visa application form



Iran Visa for a man who has married to an Iranian woman, if the marriage is not registered in the Iranian legal system, they are eligible to get Entry visa(relatives)

-Foreign men married to Iranian women.

-Children of this family


1. Father’s permission regarding the entrance of their children to Iran

2. Iran Visa application form

T- Medical

Iran Visa for foreign citizens who wish to be in Iran for medical purpose and surgery

-Patients with physical illnesses

1. approval letter from the authorized medical Centers of Iran

2. Iran Visa application form




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