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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I know before applying?

    1. Passport validation
    2. Iran visa validity
    3. Iran visa type
    4. Iran visa eligibility
    5. Iran visa code
  • How many ways to apply for an Iran visa?

    1. Iran visa 24’s services
    2. Iran Visa on arrival
    3. Iran’s Embassies/ Consulates
  • How to collect Iran visa in Iran?

    1. Iran Visa-free
    2. Iran visa on arrival
    3. Iran visa in advance
    4. Entry banned
  • What are the Iranian visa types?

    All types of Iran visa defined by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is applicable through the Iran visa 24 online visa application system. To know the categories and types of Iran visa, Read more for all types of Iranian visas.

  • What is the Iran visa code?

    The visa request for all applicants must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. The applicants will approve either in advance or with a longer wait depending on the process of evaluation. If you are approved, the MFA will send an authorization number (Iran visa code) to the Agency, which already has been taken your application form, passport photos, and fee to issues the Iran visa. It is good to know that Iran visa fees differentiate depending on your country. This authorization number (Iran visa code) will be issued for any of the applicants all around the world by the Iran visa 24, which has an authorization license by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • What is in advance Iran visa?

    Citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, as well as residents who are military journalists are not eligible for a VOA (Iran visa on arrival). In the case of Iran visa In Advance, applicants can apply through the Iran visa Code Travel Agency. After receiving the Iran visa code, they can refer to the consulate/embassy with the necessary documents in their hands. Applicants are also required to complete the form and enter the Iran visa code that they have already received from Iranian travel agencies. The Iran visa application evaluation in this method usually takes 45 business days and takes two weeks to get your visa sticker from the selected embassy/consulate. Because some visas may be rejected, Iran visa 24’s service provides the most authorized services because we have officially licensed from the ministry of foreign affairs.

  • How many days the Iranian visa validated?

    The Iranian visas valid for 30 days being in Iran (extendable) and will be valid for 90 days from the date of the issue. Not presenting in Iran during the time of validation will prevent you to enter Iran and you should reapply for a Iran visa if your visa has been invalidated.

  • What are the necessary documents for Iran Visa Application?

    If you make these below items ready, fill out the application form to obtain the Iran visa code immediately.

    • Recognize the type of Iran visa required
    • Preparation of required documents such as a passport (at least 6 months valid)
    • Digital personal photo following standard mentioned
    • Digital image of your passport (first page)
    • Other Information (depending on the intended visa types, it is required to complete additional information existed in the application form).
    • Iran visa 24 will print and prepare your visa in the following steps.
  • Is it possible to get a multiple-entry Iran tourist visa?

    If you leave Iran during the time, which the visa activated, you must reapply for your Iran visa. There is no clear rule on how many times you can apply for your Iran visa after your last visit to Iran, but feel safe that your application will very much likely get accepted. The only multiple-entry Iran visas are the business and student visas.

  • Nationals from UK, USA, and Canada

    These nationalities are just eligible to get Iran visa in advance, so they should first get their authorized Iran visa code in one of the Iranian Travel Agencies (like Iran visa 24) and then go and receive their Iran visa in the nearest embassies to their country.

  • How Pakistani nationals can get Iran visa?

    Pakistani nationals are not allowed to get Iran visas on arrival so they should get their visa code from one of the Iranian Travel Agency and then apply for visa In Advance in one of the nearest embassies. Iran visa 24 offers the most authorized service for Pakistani who wants to receive an Iran visa.

  • How to extend the Iran visa?

    Iran visa extension including entry, tourist, and pilgrimage visas are issued by the Police Office of Foreign Affairs based on justifiable reasons and its approval. It is convenient to extend Iran visa as many tourists want to extend their Iran visa move around this country. It is eligible for a Iran tourist visa to extend for more days, no matter how the Iran visa has been acquired. You can extend your Iran visa at the Police Office of Foreign Affairs located in major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, and Tabriz.

  • Do women need to wear a Hijab in their photo ID?

    Although female travelers are obliged to wear Scarf as Hijab in public, their passport photo does not need to be with a scarf.

  • Should I bring my personal photo at airport for VOA (Iran Visa On Arrival)?

    Yes, you should bring at least three photos at airport for your documentary process.

  • Which countries are not allowed to enter Iran?

    No Israeli citizens are allowed to visit Iran, and people with an Israeli passport will be turned away at the border. Similarly, any tourists have been in Israel and their passport has been stamped, are not allowed to enter Iran visa.

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