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You’ll find answers to a range of common questions below, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or online chat or simply give us a bell - we’re here to help!

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We recommend booking as soon as you know you can travel, and have decided on which tour you would like to go on. Some of our tours can be quite popular so it’s best to secure your spot as soon as possible.

To book and be on BePersia travel tours independently, you must be at least 18 years of age. Although there is no upper age restriction for all tours conducted by BePersia travel, travelers with pre-existing medical conditions and passengers aged 75+ will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire before traveling to Iran.

Our group tours have been specifically designed to be open to anyone within the age range of 8 to 80+ years old. Therefore, what you experience on our tours is a good mixture of travelers who share the same interest as you. BePersia Travel strives to categorize all tours into different travel styles that assure you that you will start your select tour with people who share the same interests you do.

All our tours include the following:

  • Transport
  • Passionate kiwi guide
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast

Check each tour page as each tour has specific inclusions that are part of the price – a few examples are traditional carving, a trip up the Queenstown Gondola, a hāngī or ride on the famous TranzAlpine Express train.

We can offer a discount for 4 more, please enquire at the time of booking.

Our pricing is very competitive. Unlike a lot of our competitors, with us you get so much more than a bus pass. You get accommodation, transport, a unique guide and so much more. Each tour details what you get for your money!

Haka Tours is 100% Kiwi therefore your guide will be English speaking. We have a number of nationalities on tour meaning the guides are used to tour members not being 100% fluent in English.

Some basic English helps so you can understand the guide’s commentary and instructions. By the time you leave the tour you will be speaking Kiwi English – sweet as bro!


Iran, the ancient Persia, is a vast country(1,648,195 km2)– it is four times the size of the federal republic of Germany– and its weather is wide-ranging with considerable regional variations. With its different climate zones, The country is a worthwhile travel destination all year round, although the different seasons create different conditions for your trip.Regardless of when you intend to visit the country, there are always some awe-inspiring places there to explore. Weather-wise, the best times to visit Iran are in spring (March-May) and autumn (September–November), when most of the popular places have their most tourism-friendly weather. Spring is believed to be the best season to visit Iran, as temperatures start to rise, and life comes back into the towns and countryside. The cultural and historical cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz are hardly affected by weather conditions in summer and winter. While being popular all year round, some destinations such as Susa, Yazd, and Kerman can be quite hot during the summer months.

In general, Iran is a safe country, and most of its inhabitants are honest and friendly. There are currently no major threats throughout the country. The largest risk factors in Iran remain the day-to-day risks you can experience anywhere, such as road traffic accidents or petty crime in towns and cities. It is recommended to be vigilant regarding your personal safety and belongings and avoid wandering alone down dark alleyways.

Effective as of September 2011, all travelers who lodge an Iran visa application, along with other visa requirements, should present an adequate medical travel insurance coverage issued by an Iranian or foreign insurance company. At BePersia Travel, we believe that safety is a major concern to all of us, and it is one of the essential parts of your trips that should not be neglected. A medical travel insurance plan is, therefore, compulsory whenever you start your travel to Iran. As such, we strongly suggest that once you book and confirm your journey, you take out insurance from a reliable company that includes adequate coverage for lost or damaged baggage, medical expenses, and the cost of emergency repatriation to the home country in case of a medical emergency. You should be aware that it should clearly be stated in the insurance policy that its coverage is exclusively valid for Iran during your trip. It offers an equivalent level of protection and covers you for the activities involved. We at BePersia travel can provide you with comprehensive travel insurance that is adequately tailored for your Iran trip and is specially designed to include all the activities listed in the itinerary.

Most visitors to Iran require a valid Iran visa to travel to the country. They are eligible to apply for an Iran visa as long as they officially enter Iran by air, land or sea or at one of the International airports. However, the nationals of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, and Malaysia are visa-exempt and can travel to Iran visa-free. If you do not hold a passport from any of the countries mentioned above, you instead have to apply at an Iranian Embassy or Diplomatic Mission in your country directly or ask for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) at one of the Iranian international airports.

We can assist travelers in arranging Iran Visa.

You can check the most recent visa requirements for your trip to Iran by visiting our Visa Services Website at

This website is operated by BePersia Travel Company. Iran visa 24 consists of a highly qualified and specialized group of consultancy experts who are committed to providing an efficient Iran visa service under simple, speedy and reliable procedures to a large number of independent and corporate agents as well as individual tourists.

Absolutely yes. Your relationship is in no important issue, but since Islamic regulation are formed in the country, it is better not to mention you are unmarried.

It depends on where you are flying from, major airlines flying to New Zealand are Air New Zealand, Virgin, Jetstar, Qantas and Emirates.

The tours finish at varying times, for most tours they will finish around 5-6pm on the last day so a flight later that evening will work. If your adventure tour finishes in Christchurch and includes the TranzAlpine train you won’t arrive until around 6:30pm so a flight from 9pm onwards would be suitable. Just take in to account check in times if you’re looking at international flights.

Our Snow Safaris arrive in to Christchurch around 10pm on day 7 so it’s best to book post tour accommodation for that night and fly out the following day. You can do this online at the same time you book your Snow Safari.

One of the great things about booking with Haka Tours is your tourism advisor can make pre and post tour arrangements. Let us know what you would like to do and we can look in to options for you including additional transport, accommodation and activities.

In Iran, the usual dress code of the country must be observed. You should dress in a way that does not violate the cultural customs of the host country, because you are going to find out an Islamic state. All-female travelers must dress in public according to the Islamic rules in force in Iran. A headscarf and a coat reaching over the knees are obligatory for the women already upon entry to the country. The scarf does not necessarily have to cover the entire head and can have on pattern shapes and different colors. This includes clothing that is remote from the body, covering the body, e.g., a long, non-tailored coat in subtle colors, including long trousers or opaque stockings, or long trousers with a long-sleeved blouse. A woman who is traveling is best off with closed shoes, even if sandals are accepted. Make-up should only be applied discreetly. This must be worn in combination with opaque stockings or better with trousers. Men should wear long pants, but short shirts/T-shirts are no problem at all.

We're happy to arrange door-to-door airport transfers for you. Prices range from around $20 NZD to $40 NZD depending on the city. If you email us your flight details 7 days or more before your tour starts, we'll book everything in for you and add the cost to your Haka Tours Account.

Public airport buses are also available in the cities where our tours start and finish - these usually cost around $8 - $20 NZD depending on the distance to the airport.

Iran is a conservative Islamic country. The Iranian government strives to implement Islamic laws very strictly and enforced it on their people. According to Islamic law, Alcohol is completely banned in Iran. This restriction includes brewing, consuming, importing, and selling all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Officially, there is no chance that you can get hold of Alcohol in the country. It is also strictly illegal to bring any alcohol over the border or to cross the border. Therefore, travelers are not allowed to take advantage of any duty-free alcohol allowance when entering Iran. It is important to note that since your luggage will be randomly checked by X-ray upon arrival at the Iranian international airports, you are advised to take no risk of carrying Alcohol into the country! Convicted offenders face fines and imprisonment. Iranian law strictly prohibits the taking of obscene matter and controversial literature to the country. Any transfer or attempt to transfer such illegal material to Iran is punishable under Iranian law.

Yes, however some of them are weather dependent and we might not know until on the day if they are going to be cancelled.

Yes, but we cannot guarantee availability (especially during peak seasons) so if there is anything you definitely want to do, it’s best to pre-book.

Your guide can book additional activities while on tour, just let him know a couple of days in advance and he can make arrangements.

We run a tour tab system where additional activities and add ons are added up at the end of the tour and payment is made to the guide either in cash or credit card (we accept Visa and Mastercard).

You will be refunded for any activity that is cancelled due to poor weather. Some activities may be available at a different location, so if you miss out, there will hopefully be another chance before your tour finishes.

Popular activities booked by our tour guests are bungy jumping, sky diving, cave tubing, white water rafting, dolphin swimming and jet boating.

A day trip in to Milford Sound is also very popular, you can do this during your full day in Queenstown.

Our advice, as always is to pick what suits you.

It depends on what you would like to see. The North Island has more volcanic landscapes, and access to Māori culture whereas the South Island has more dramatic landscapes with the Southern Alps and the rainforest on the West Coast.

If you are here for skiing, definitely come to the South Island as we have quite a few ski fields close to the main cities. We run our 7 day Snow Safari Tour that runs once a week from the end of June to the end of September.

The single supplement refers to a travel industry premium surcharged to solo travelers to compensate for a hotel for losses incurred because only one person stays in a room. Our tour prices are calculated based on the standard-room charge divided between two persons sharing a twin or double room during the tour. If a solo traveler prefers to stay in their hotel room, the single supplement is then an additional charge to cover the full cost of the room. Please bear in mind that paying the price of a room's single supplement reserves the right to occupy a single room alone, without any room sharing. In some cases, the rooms available are of the same size as a double/twin room, but in some rare cases, they may be smaller. Kindly check the amount of the single supplement for every Iran trip that you intend to join!

The cost to upgrade is different for each tour, see below:

Adventure Tours
  • 3 day Bay of Islands: $199 NZD
  • 7 day South Island Lick: $649 NZD
Snow Tours
  • 5 Day Snow Explorer: $199 NZD
  • 7 day South Island Snow Safari: $649 NZD
Haka Plus Adventure Tours
  • 10 day Southern Pioneer: $1099 NZD
  • 10 day Northern Trail: $699 NZD

If you would prefer to have your own room while on tour, it is a good idea to upgrade. Many private rooms will have an ensuite bathroom attached; however in some locations you will have a private room with shared bathroom facilities due to the hostel layout. Please note that some tours have shared 'cultural nights' where private room upgrades for that specific night may not be available. For more information see an individual tour page or email [email protected]

It is best to let us know in advance, so we can let the hostel know. In Auckland and Wellington there are 24 hour reception desks, however at Haka Lodge Christchurch, the Lodge Manager will need to leave a late pack out for you.

We ask for tour groups to be put together in dorm accommodation, so you are sharing with people you are familiar with. You are able to request female-only dorms, but this may mean sharing with other girls outside of your tour group.

Most of the places we stay at will have laundry facilities, this will vary depending on the property. Some places will have machines which you can use for a couple dollars a wash, or a service wash will be offered where the hostel/lodge staff will do the washing for you for a charge.

Your guide will supply a continental breakfast each morning of your tour. This will consist of cereal, toast, spreads, yogurt, fruit, tea, coffee and juice.

Lunches and dinners are at your own expense. Our guides know the best places in each town and city depending on your budget and what you are after, and they will point these out on the way into each location.

Some nights the tour group may choose to cook a meal together. You will head to a supermarket to get everything and then cook as a group at the hostel. Whoever joins in splits the cost, and it usually works out to be about $7 – $10 NZD per person. A fun, social and cheap dinner.

Likewise the tour group and guide often head out to a local pub for a beer and a meal. Meals can range from $15 upwards. In summer it’s not uncommon to have a BBQ washed down with a few drinks.

A hāngī is a traditional Māori way of cooking food in a hole in the ground using heated rocks. The food tastes amazing. We include a free hāngī as part of any Adventure or Haka Plus tour that travels to Rotorua.

Yes – we often have vegetarian/vegan guests and all cafes and restaurants in New Zealand offer these options. If you can’t see any on the menu just ask, as most places will happily prepare something for you.

Please let us know in the ‘Special Requirements’ section in the booking form if you have any food allergies. We can then arrange for your tour guide to have the right cereal, milk and bread available for breakfast on day one.

Your tour guide can then purchase more supplies as you travel around. If you have a severe nut allergy, you will need to bring an Epi-Pen with you.

The great thing about Haka Tour’s online booking system is you can log back in to your account and make payments when you like.

Logging in to your account is a great way to manage your booking and additional activities. If you are having problems making payment online let us know and we can look in to it.

Yes you can pay the tour in full when you book, when you go to the payment screen you will see an option for the full amount, and if you book your tour within 45 days of it departing full payment is required at the time of booking.

Final balance for your tour is due 45 days before the tour departure date.

You can bring a suitcase or backpack up to 20kg. We will have a trailer where you can store this as you travel around.

You can also bring a day pack which you can have in the van with you. If you will have more luggage than this, send us an email and we can check if there will be room in the trailer for any extra bags.

Alternatively if you are starting and finishing in the same location, you may be able to store your bag at the hostel while you are on tour.

Tipping is not compulsory in New Zealand, however is much appreciated. If you feel you have received excellent service and would like to show your gratitude a tip will be accepted by your guide who will be very grateful.

There are no set amounts or guidelines on tipping in New Zealand so what you feel comfortable with will be just fine.

Wi-Fi is available where we stay so you can keep your family and friends up to date with your New Zealand adventures.

Some places will offer a certain amount of free Wi-Fi and some places will have a charge, it all varies depending on the location and what the property is able to offer as internet is quite expensive in NZ.

You may purchase a local SIM card from local provider – popular ones include 2Degrees, Spark and Vodafone.

At most, you may walk to a scenic lookout on a well maintained path. For the more adventurous there is sometimes the opportunity to do a bridge or rock jump into one of our rivers or lakes, however this is completely optional of course!

The North Island is typically warmer than the South Island; however at any time of year we can expect rain and cold winds. We are known to have 4 seasons in one day, but fingers crossed we will have nice weather while you are here!

In summer, you can expect the highest temperatures to be around 20 – 25˚C on average, and about 10 – 15˚C on average in winter.

The best thing you can do is bring layers, so you can add or remove clothing depending on the weather – and don’t forget sunscreen and sun glasses, as the sun in New Zealand can be harsh.

We have flexibility with the tours. Our guides will make stops along the way at places of interest that aren't weather dependent such as wineries, so you will still see some awesome places in the rain!

Aside from food, you might want to budget for drinks if you choose to head out at night, or additional activities.

The cost of the activities depends on what you are wanting to do, prices for our most popular activities can be found on our website and we can check the cost of anything else that is not there.

Drinks in New Zealand can range from $5 to $12 NZD depending on what you are drinking – ie: a tap beer will be cheaper than a spirit or glass of wine.

We have three Toyota Coasters that have 22 seats, and a Ford Transit that has 12 seats. One of the reasons we only have small group sizes is to have plenty of room left in the buses as you travel around to stretch out!

We at BePersia Travel endeavor to provide you and your group with the services of an experienced and certified tour guide who serves you from the very first seconds of your arrival to the last ones of your departure. Once your adventure in Iran starts, our tour guide is there to serve you. The tour leader's main task is to take the hassle out of your trip and to help you have the best moments of your trip to Iran. Your appointed local guide has an excellent command of English, is specially trained for our tour programs. Your guide will provide unique information on every place of interest and sightseeing you are going through, offer the best possible suggestions for things to do, and visit, recommend the best local venues for eating-out, and introduce you to the widespread norms, values, and customs of the Persians. You can expect your guide to having a vast specialized knowledge of the places visited during the trip, including cultural, religious, and social, historical aspects. Meanwhile, to serve our clients better, our tour guide staff is fluent in several languages such as English, German, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

Generally they only speak English and some Māori. If you would like a guide that can speak a specific language, then a private tour option might suit you.

Yes – our tour guides go through certified First Aid Courses every two years which is the standard in New Zealand. They can assist until professional help can be reached if required.

Yes! We have an experienced and dedicated team who can help bring your dream holiday to life. Whether you're a family, group of mates, corporate team or a school we can help. Want to learn more?

You can view our terms and conditions here.

You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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