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Iran Visa process for your application

  1. Apply and fill out the online application form
  2. Pay Iranvisa24’s fees
  3. Receive the visa code
  4. Collect your visa at airport/consulate
iran visa process - step 1 - Applying and filling out the form of iran visa
Step 1: Applying and filling out the form
  • Enter the exact personal details and information of the applicant(s) into the secure online application form at Iran Visa Application to process your Iran eVisa. Please note that you must specify where you want to collect your visa when filling in your application form.

  • Upload a proper passport-style ID photo & a scan of the first page of your passport

  • Upload a short applicant’s resume (just for Americans, the English and Canadians as an extra document)

  • Choose the payment method and fill in the secure payment form for the fee of eVisa grant code* ( Iranvisa24’s service fee)

iran visa process - step 2 - Pay fee of iran visa fee
Step 2: Payment
  • Upon receipt of the Visa Application through Iranvisa24 ,the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires a minimum of 2-3 working days to process the case and issue your eVisa grant code.

  • You will receive your eVisa grant code within 48-72 hours (urgent service) from us via email.

iran visa process - step 3 - Receiving the Iran visa code
Step 3: Receiving the Iran visa code
  • Upon receiving your visa grant code, you can collect your eVisa either from a nominated Iranian embassy/consulate or on arrival at an Iran international airport.

  • Submit your original Passport + one passport-sized Photo + printed Iran visa grant code + visa stamping fee directly to the Iranian consulate/embassy.

  • Collect your visa based on your application

Iran visa process - Step 4: Collecting the iran Visa
Step 4: Collecting the Visa
  • Upon arrival at one of the Iran International Airports , present all documents in a prepared package (passport, visa approval letter, one passport sized photo, visa fee and your medical Insurance) to the Immigration officer to get your visa stamped.

  • That is it! Welcome to Persia and have a wonderful time here!

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