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Your Best Experience Starts Here

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When did you last pause to breathe? In Iran, let Bepersia, with 20 years of experience, be your guide to unforgettable moments—whether you’re traveling solo or with a group. From enchanting culture to warm hospitality, let’s explore the beauty of Persia together. Choose Bepersia for a journey like no other.


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You’ve seen the pictures, dreamt about it, now experience Iran with Bepersia’s small group tours! If your ideal trip isn’t listed, we’ll tailor it for you in under an hour in here. Discover Iran’s authentic beauty today!

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Frequently asked questions

Getting into Iran starts with a visa, and it’s easier than you think! Depending on where you’re from, you might get it on arrival or need to apply beforehand. Check with an Iranian embassy or consulate, or look for recent traveler forums online for the latest info. Remember, rules can change, so it’s good to stay updated for a smooth start to your Iranian adventure.

When packing for Iran, remember it’s a place of modest fashion. Women should bring headscarves and clothes that cover arms and legs, while men should opt for long pants and avoid sleeveless tops. This isn’t just about following rules; it’s about respecting the local culture. You’ll find Iranians stylish and welcoming, and dressing respectfully is part of the experience!

Iran has its own calendar, which can be quite a surprise! It’s solar, like ours, but with different names for months and a different start date. Knowing it helps you join in local festivals and understand public holidays. It’s also super useful for booking hotels and transport. A quick online search will give you a handy conversion chart.

Iran’s money can be tricky with two names: Rials and Tomans. Remember, 1 Toman equals 10 Rials. It’s mostly a cash-based place, so bring enough to exchange. Check online for the latest exchange rates before you go. And here’s a pro tip: small, local exchange offices often give better rates than banks or airports.

Keeping in touch in Iran means getting a local SIM card – it’s cheap and easy. Internet can be slow and some sites are blocked, but you’ll find Wi-Fi in hotels and cafes. For the best connection, ask locals where to buy a SIM when you arrive. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Planning your trip to Iran? Start with the basics: visa, flights, and accommodation. Then, dive into the diverse wonders of Iran, from Tehran’s bustling bazaars to Isfahan’s historic beauty. Remember to explore beyond the well-trodden paths and keep some days free for unexpected adventures. Need help with your itinerary? Contact us, and we’ll help you plan the perfect trip for free!

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting people, and Iranians are famously friendly. Joining local tours or staying in guesthouses are great ways to meet both locals and fellow travelers. People often love to chat and share stories, so don’t be shy! These interactions can turn into the most memorable parts of your trip.

Crafting your trip to Iran? Mix visits to bustling cities with stays at unique places like the Azar Barzin Guesthouse in the desert (speacial offer). Each spot in Iran has its own special charm. With a range of accommodations available, from upscale hotels to quaint traditional guesthouses, you’re sure to find the perfect place to suit your budget and style. And don’t forget to try the local Iranian breakfasts – they’re absolutely delightful! In search of a memorable experience? Our curated adventures are just the thing.

Worried about finding vegan or vegetarian food in Iran? Don’t be! Iranian cuisine has lots of plant-based options. Try ‘Ash Reshteh’, a hearty noodle soup, or ‘Kookoo Sabzi’, a flavorful herb frittata. Street food markets are your friend, and don’t hesitate to ask for meat-free versions of dishes – chefs are usually happy to accommodate.

Getting around Iran is part of the adventure. For covering longer distances, consider their comfortable VIP buses or swift trains. Within cities, taxis are a popular choice – readily available and reasonably priced. For an authentic local vibe, take a city bus or navigate the Tehran metro. Carrying a map is a good idea, as English signage is limited. Additionally, online taxi services like Snapp and Tap30 are great options. They offer English language support, making it easier to navigate urban areas. These apps not only enhance convenience but also provide a reliable way to explore different cities in Iran.

Meeting other travelers in Iran is easy and fun. Hostels are great for this, as they often have social spaces. Also, look out for group tours or language exchange meetups, especially in bigger cities. Sharing stories and tips with others on the same journey is a great way to enhance your experience.

Traveling to Iran is about respect and understanding.

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Absolutely! BePersia Tours warmly welcomes women travelers to explore the enchanting destinations of Iran with ease and comfort. Our tours prioritize inclusivity and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

 – Our team is here to assist you! Contact us, share your interests, and let us guide you in selecting the perfect tour that aligns with your preferences.

 – Yes, BePersia Tours provides all-inclusive package trips, covering accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and more for a hassle-free experience.

 – While our guided tours are a popular choice, we also offer self-guided options, allowing you to explore at your own pace with carefully curated itineraries.

Wondering about visa requirements? We’ve got you covered with all the necessary information to make your journey hassle-free. Check our website for the list of countries requiring a visa and those that don’t .

 – Bepersia is your dedicated partner for unrivaled travel experiences in Iran, offering expertly crafted journeys that showcase the rich tapestry of Persian culture, history, and hospitality.

 – Our group tours welcome all explorers, providing a vibrant and culturally immersive adventure for travelers from all walks of life.

 – Certainly! BePersia Tours offers private trips tailored to your preferences, ensuring a personalized journey that suits your individual travel style.

 – Absolutely! Our tours cater to solo travelers, offering an opportunity to discover Iran’s treasures while connecting with fellow adventurers.

 – Yes, we have tours designed to accommodate the needs and preferences of seniors, providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

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Through partnerships with local experts across Iran, from the lush north to the sunny southern islands, BePersia offers a range of authentic experiences. Our collaborators, skilled in their respective fields, enhance your journey with unique insights and expertise. Enjoy everything from local Iranian cuisine and desert camping to insightful guided tours that delve into the country’s rich culture and history. Stay in our welcoming Ecolodges for a memorable experience. Each journey with us promises adventure and unforgettable moments throughout this beautiful country.

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